Understanding the Asana pricing

Asana pricing is complicated. Currently, the only way to get a big picture is to scroll through all the threads in the Community, ask questions to the support, and try to find the common denominator :slight_smile: This is the reason why I wanted to try to create some kind of guide about Asana pricing with a list of the more common questions. This is a dynamic and collaborative thread, please suggest any modification in the comments!

Note: the post was re-read on May 13th 2021 and was still valid according to me.

What plans does Asana offer?

  • Basic/Free account

  • Premium account

  • Business account

  • Enterprise account

What is the difference between the different plans?

See Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana for all the details

  • The Basic plan allows the user access to all basic task management, basic search and a team of up to 15 users.

  • The Premium plan adds additional features such as timelines, custom fields, private teams and advanced search (see https://asana.com/premium)

  • The Business plan gives you access to Portfolio, Workload, more Rules (see Asana Business - Manage Large & Cross-Team Projects • Asana)

  • The Enterprise plan comprises all the Basic, Premium and Business plan features and builds upon these to add more control of your data and support from the Asana team. (see https://asana.com/enterprise)

What are the prices of each plan?
Yes, the plans do vary in price. Find below a few clarifications on the price difference.

  • The Basic is free for a lifetime. The team can commence work, create as many tasks, and start as many projects under it as you need.

  • For Premium and Business, please see the official pricing page. Note that the price is higher if you pay monthly, and about 20% cheaper if you pay annually. Price is given per member, see below about the definition of a member.

  • The Enterprise plan needs to be discussed with the sales team.

Can I get a discount if I am a student?
Yes, you can under conditions, check more details on this link: https://asana.com/students#upgrade

Can I upgrade or downgrade an account if I need to?

Yes, you can move on from the Basic account to the Premium/Business account very easily. To upgrade, follow these steps if you are in the Basic account:

  • Login to your account

  • On the top right corner click on your account/image

  • Click Upgrade

  • Choose your plan and move on

Let’s say you moved to the Premium account, but you no longer need the features and want to downgrade to the Basic account you can follow these steps:

  • Login to your account

  • Click your profile picture

  • Click “Setting” and

  • Over here click on “Cancel Plan”

You can find more details on this link: https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/billing

How does the team limit applies to Workspaces?
A workspace does not have teams per se, the limit of 15 members of the Free plan applies to the workspace members. Any guests will count as one “member” towards the limit…

Do you need to upgrade all teams in your company?
No, you can start with an upgrade for one of your teams which needs the Premium or Business features. This is how it works:

  • For this team you’ll have an unlimited number of seats and an unlimited number of guests.

  • You can add the guests to the team, a project under this team or a task under this team.

  • If you add a new member after upgrading, you will be sent an updated payment via email with no disturbance to the workflow

What is a member and a guest?
For Organisations: everyone with your company name www.yourdomain.com is a member in your team. In the Basic account, if you have more than 15 members you will need to create a new team to add additional co-workers. On the other hand, everyone with a different company www.otherdomain.com is a guest. In the Basic account everyone is allocated to one of the 15 seats on your team.

For Workspaces: members and guests are considered the same way and you pay for both (see below)

Do I count guests the same way I count members?
It depends on your account type. If you are in a Basic account or a workspace, then yes you do count all your guests and members the same way until you reach the account limit of 15 per team or workspace. If you upgraded your account to Premium or Business as an Organization, then you count only your members (the ones with your org email domain) and you have unlimited guests to add.

What happens if I am a member of both a Premium/Business team and a non-Premium/non-Business team?
You will have access to Premium/Business features in any project inside the Premium/Business team, but not in projects part of a non-Premium/non-Business team.

What is the difference between a workspace and an organization?
When you are using a Basic account, you’ll find it very much the same until you reach the 15 members limit. In org free account you’ll be able to create new teams and continue your work (the collaboration will be there but not as good as it may be in the Premium version). In a workspace you need to create new workspaces, and this will separate your new team members from current members. Workspaces and free org team account seats will be counted on both your team and your guests. Check out Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana for more details.

Can I create an Organisation without relying on an email domain name, for example my Gmail address?
No you can’t, Organizations are based on email domains and can’t be created with a Gmail address (see Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana). However setting up a domain name with an email is really easy, using service like Hover for example.

Is inviting a guest to a task or a project different than inviting them to a team or workspace in terms of pricing and limitations?
No it is not.

Can I have a Business team with several Premium teams inside the same org?
It is technically possible to have different teams with different plans. Contact the support for more information. However, you’ll run into the limitation that the Business team for example will only be able to create Porfolios for their projects, and not include projects from the Premium teams.

I have a few Premium team but can’t see where to define administrators.
The administrator feature is only available if the whole organization is Premium.

I run a non-profit, can I get a discount?
Yes, if you match the criteria: Asana for Nonprofits - Asana Nonprofit Discount now available!. You can learn about the pricing in the Community or ask a sales rep.

Can I buy 6 seats and not 10, or 21 seats and not 25?
No, you can’t, seats can only be purchased 5 by 5 up to 30, then 10 by 10 up to 100, then 25 by 25 up to 500 then 50 by 50. You can also buy 2-3-4 seats.

Can I choose who gets the seats?
Whether you upgraded a Team or the entire organization, if you add more members than seats, the billing owner will get a notification indicating you have exceeded the number of seats and should review the plan. You can choose who you want to remain in the Paid Plan but until you do, all members will have access to the paid feature.

Can I have team members (not guests) from different domains like mycompany.fr and mycompany.com?
It depends, reach out to support to know in your situation. Inside an Organization, you can define several domains.

Can you have Business and Premium users within the same organization? from @Jerod_Hillard
Yes you can, but technically these groups will be treated as a Division that essentially functions like a separate organization within the same corporate domain.

Are there limitations to having Divisions within the same corporate domain? from @Jerod_Hillard
For one, if you want the same person to be the admin of each division, they will have to hold a seat within each license. Please also be aware that work can’t be shared across divisions. Similarly, users won’t be able to interact across divisions without taking up a license seat in the division they don’t predominantly belong to. The exception is if users are working on something that is part of a Team that IS NOT assigned to either division. Of course, this specific Team would only have access to the free features. As always, contact Sales so they can address the uniqueness of your particular configuration!

Make sure to check out Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana for the up-to-date information and contact a sales rep if you have any concerns.

Thanks Yasser for your help putting this together, and thanks @Julien_RENAUD and @Marie for your early feedback.


Great work @Bastien_Siebman one suggestion just add the Currency component so people realise they have to convert.


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, can you explain why seats can only be purchased in groups of 5? I have a team of six people and don’t plan to add any more team members, but I have to pay for 10 seats?


@Marie can you help us on this one? I’ll a the answer to the post!

Hi @Matt_Sears,

As it stands we offer Asana Premium/Business and Enterprise plans on a tiers basis, starting with 5 , 10 and 15 Members. So if you’re team grew up to 6 members, you would have to opt for a 10 member plan. While we’re not planning to bring single premium plan in the near future, I would encourage you to add your vote to this thread. You can also reach out to our Sales Team who will be more than happy to answer any follow-up questions you might have!

Hi @Marie, could you explain the current status of user provisioning and deprovisioning? I noticed on your pricing page it was only listed on Enterprise. But can’t an administrator of a Premium organization remove a user or add new users from their admin settings?

What does it mean that it’s only listed under Enterprise? Thanks.

Hi Todd

In my company we are Premium and I’m one of the admin, and yes I can remove or add users.


Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh, you can learn all about User provisioning and deprovisioning with the Enterprise plan in this handy article: https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/scim

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Got it. Thanks! :+1:

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What happens if you invite more than 15 guests with the same domain (not gmail) to your account, would they automatically be prompted to start a Premium Account?

That is a good question. @Marie? I think you have a warning and a few days to pay… :thinking:

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Hi @Hendrik,

Do you mean adding guests using teh same domain than you or another domain?
Generally I would recommend reaching out to our Sales Team for pricing questions, they will be the best people to answer your questions! You can chat with them or send them an email via https://asana.com/sales

@Marie and @Bastien_Siebman thanks for the answers. I am talking about a different domain than ours.

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I cannot get my head around the 5 by 5 pricing scheme. As a SaaS provider, there are not costing differences in offering individual seat or 5 together. But charging at the increase of 5 license, will give a bad feeling from the get go. The users are almost always forced to pay more than they actually use. This penalizes the smaller team, and effectively took back the small team discount. e.g. a team of 6 is effectively paying more than the full price.

In contract, Slack’s fair pricing scheme gives me very good experience. I almost never needed to even think about whether we were over charged. They automatically remove the accounts from my bill if they were inactive for long enough. Will this save me ton of money? NO, but the feeling is so good. I know I have been charged fairly, based on how much I use the service.

I am not expecting Asana doing the same, but would it be fair to allow for individual seat be purchased within an organization?


There are two differences you’re not considering, though:

  • Support costs
  • Market positioning: a solution, to be successful, almost never can be all things to all people; there must be a certain focus on a certain market segment. Asana has signalled that they are moving more toward an enterprise work management focus. As such, moving downscale to increase their user base of under-5-user customers would be going the exact wrong direction.

@Phil_Seeman great answer! We underestimate the time-money-energy required by the support for paid users.

Hi Phil,

Thank you for the reply.

I guess I was not very clear on my point. I agree and understand that It is up to the company, Asana, to decide which market segment to be focused on. They have decided to focus on larger teams, which makes complete sense. I don’t have a concern that Asana offer starts at 5 seats.

My concern here is the incremental of 5 seats instead of 1 seat after the initial 5 seats. Pass the initial setup (the first 5 seats), I don’t see how the number 5 come into play in terms of support cost.

The current pricing scheme penalize team size between 6 to 14 (except for 10). Or from a different angel, the small team discount is not as generous as it was advertised.


Gotcha, I get your point here!

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Hey Bastien,

Thanks so much for this post - have bookmarked!

I just noticed something quirky in researching my Workspace / Org options. We have both set up, and mainly use Workspaces the most as we have team members (same domain emails) as well as guests (clients). We also recently upgraded to premium and purchased 10 seats. I’m now keen to import many of our Workspace projects into the Organisation using Kothar. I’ve logged into the Organisation and it doesn’t recognise that I’ve purchased a premium account. I’ve used the same email login to access both - seems odd that I’d have to purchase it twice?

Keen to know your thoughts,

In doing further research via this guide, it’s probably best that I convert our current Workspace into an Org anyway :grinning: looks like we’ll benefit financially as all of our guests will not be considered members and therefore take up less seats.