Understanding the Asana pricing

I think this is normal behavior. @Marie can confirm.

I’d better have @Marie confirm, pricing is too important :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman and @Lily_Feng

Pricing questions are better handled by our Sales and Support team since each set up is different and pricing varies based on your set up!

To reach out to our support team, simply follow these steps: How do I contact support

Thanks Marie, have reached out :smile:


Hi, This is a great summary, thank you, I am myself very confused with the Pricing, and the difference between a member and a premium Team.

But what I am wondering is: in an organization setting, if I purchase 5 seats, What do I get ?
5 licences that I can give to 5 users which can be in as many teams as they want with premium features ?
or 5 seats in a specific premium team that is now limited to 5 users only?

For instance, I can have a premium Marketing team with 5 premium members. Can I also have a premium sales team with the same 5 staff ? or can they only be premium in the one team ?

My understanding is if a team is premium, only premium members can be in it. So will I be prevented to add followers to a task if they are not premium users ?

I hope I managed to convey my ideas clearly.

I got some clarification by Chatting with Sales, what I purchase is seats in a Premium/Business Team, not “premium/Business users”.

Unless I upgrade the whole Organization.

I’ve also learned that to be a follower in a premium team, you need to be a Member of that team. In our case, we are not ready to upgrade the whole company, but upgrading a limited amount of users means we gain some functionality, but lose a lot of communication.

it seems to me at this stage that we are better of staying as free users.

Sorry for the delay in responding to you @Jonathan_Stern; looks like our chat team answered your questions, but please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

no need to apologize, and yes I got what I was after. Thanks !

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Perhaps if the pricing page stated things just a little differently on the premium/business options, there would be less confusion and fewer support requests.
An example might be:

  1. “Pricing is for 1 workspace or 1 organization.” and
  2. Per user, per month billed annually, 5 user minimum per workspace or organization

As 1 person, I have 3 different email addresses/domains that I work with for different projects/clients.
Despite having read all of the documentation and watched all of the videos and reading about workspaces and organizations, the documentation does not make it at all clear, that if you create different workspaces to group your projects, that you’ll end up being billed separately for each workspace and each organization at the 5 seat minimum per space rate.
I am fine with paying the 5 seat rate for my account but have spent a number of wasted hours trying to simply keep separate sections for each of the groups only to find that by doing so, I was setting myself up for a $360 monthly bill… I hope that I am someday successful enough in my business ventures that I can have teams and resources to pay 10x that much for this great tool. For now, I’m just working to get a few websites created while working on becoming an Asana Pro.

I now have the answer and the knowledge to deal with this properly. Would be nice to be able to save other people the same headaches that I went through trying to figure it out.

Thanks for all of the amazing stuff that Asana does. Looking forward to continue using it.


Thanks for the feedback, I am sure Asana will take it into account. Happy my little summary helped.

I am very dissapointed to discover that advanced search and saving reports is not available on the free version to new accounts now. I work with primarily soloentreprenuers and help them get set up on Asana with their systems - which sets them up perfectly to upgrade when they are ready.
But not having the advanced search/saved reports availability makes Asana virtually unusable for them and they aren’t ready to upgrade just yet. I have been an Asana evangelist for years. With this, seemingly little, change, I’ll have to find a different system. :frowning:

I’m crossing my fingers that you will tell me I’m wrong!


Is the following correct @Marie I would like to amend the post.

cc @Julien_RENAUD

Excellent post. Thank you for the helpful and thorough rundown of the pricing and user permissions.

I thought I read something at one point, and I can’t seem to find it now. I hope you can clear it up.

We have several teams at my organization that use the free version that is perfect for our organization. There are a few teams that use the premium version and have filled up their seats. I was under the impression that if a member of one premium team joins another premium team, they don’t take up a seat in the second premium team. For example, if you are a part of the executive team, which is paying for 10 seats and has 10 people in it, you could also join the marketing team, which is paying for 15 seats and already has 15 people in it. Your addition to the marketing team, as the 16th person, would not be an issue because you are already a paid user for another team.

Is that correct? Or would you have to pay for a seat on both the executive team and the marketing team?

Thanks for the clarification.

I’d say it would be logical to not pay twice for the same person, but I will let Asana answer, and I’ll complete the post with the answer!

Thank you so much! Any idea when Asana is going to get back to us?

@Marie is catching up on emails. @Edda @Cathya maybe you can help? Thanks!

Hi @Dan_Gossett and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I would recommend reaching out directly to our Sales Team who can check out your current set up and will be in a better position to assist you. But to answer your question, providing the executive and marketing team you’re referring to are paying separately for their own plan, anyone joining these two team who use one seat in each team.

Hope this helps but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


@Bastien_Siebman I would reach out to our support team for this, they’ll be in a better position to help with that specific question!

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This is a great summary. I skimmed it, but I didn’t see anything about minimum users for each plan, for billing purposes. I believe with Premium it is 5, and with Business it is 10. Also, the part about adding users in blocks of 5 is outdated; I believe now it can be any specific number of users.

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That’s interesting! Where have you heard or seen this, @MPrewitt? I haven’t heard news of this, and my org still shows in tiers only:

I guess I was wrong. I thought I had read that in an email from Asana about changes to how billing works. But I cannot find details about it, and all the evidence I see points to seats being multiples of 5.