Please make a Premium Solo Plan

I really wish you guys had a Solo plan that got all the features of the premium for 5 users. I would happily pay up to $20/mo for something like this.


+1. This is what’s preventing me from upgrading.


Same here!


I’m getting increasingly excited about some of your Premium features, but as someone using Asana for personal project management I’m bummed that there’s no single-user option for upgrading to Premium.

I realize that you’re probably concerned about support requests, but could you please find a way to make a single-user-upgrade possible, even if you charge proportionally more for a single seat? I’d be potentially willing to pay $10/month for Premium.




I’ve said pretty much the same thing but with no reply.

I understand they want people to pay more for better features but if they’re giving the bulk of the product away for free for 15 users anyway then why not give everything away free and ONLY charge based on seats, not seats + features.


Aw, bummer. I mean, here we are, shouting “SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY” but to no avail.


Dear Asana,

You are missing out on a plum revenue stream not offering affordable single user Premium licenses.

There are many Asana users like myself that appreciate and use Asana regularly but won’t purchase a Premium team license because the cost is too high or not currently justifiable for their budgets.

I had an Asana Premium team license when my business engaged a number of workers and we were orchestrating a constellation of projects and tasks, and Asana was central to managing a complex and flow.

That particular undertaking is past, and I find myself on my own again, continuing to use Asana for a range of personal and professional projects, but I’m not in a revenue position that accommodates a team license. If it were only Asana, maybe, but these days virtually all web based services have moved to a SAAS subscription model, and the budget for this for single, small operators such as myself is only so deep and goes so far.

I would however gladly subscribe to an affordable single user premium license. I know I am not alone. I know a few others personally.

The question for you is, how much of this market are you willingly leaving on the table? If I was a competitor I would be looking at it. As a user I’m open to the next great offering.

Affordable (and I have to stress this) single user premium licensing would benefit Asana long term as I believe it would not only generate additional revenue for the organization, but would lead single operators to invest more of their time and data into the platform, build loyalty and commitment, and encourage first option consideration of Asana team license when larger projects and budgets come downstream.

You may have some current team licenses downgrade to single user, but overall you will create greater revenue capture and stability in the long term.

There you have it, from a fan and regular user, someone who has promoted your product, now looking in from the outside.

Please consider affordable Asana single-user Premium licensing!



I’d really love to know why they don’t have a premium solution for less then 5 members. I use Asana at work, and recently started using it with my wife to manage our personal todos and projects. It’s really nice being able to use the same service for both.

However, I really do miss many of the Premium features I have access to on our Organization account. In particular I’m really missing start dates. It seems pretty crazy to me that I’d have to pay $37.50 per month (5 members at $7.50) to upgrade.


I have just started growing my one-man-show business and hired a project manager. First task was to implement a decent project management tool that helps organising tasks without the need to have daily meetings about every single detail. Asana seemed to be the perfect solution. Fair enough - it’s a bit old fashioned to offer a free plan while cutting off some basic features that make a tool like this useful in even the smallest environments - your call. But then you require a minimum of 5!! paid team members to upgrade to Pro? Do you know how many <5 teams there are in the world? Sorry guys - I am actively searching for another tool to grow my business. I can honestly not understand approach - not from a business nor technical perspective.,


Same Issue as you guys. I work at 2 person startup now and love Asana, but the pricing doesn’t really make sense at all, so we’ll probably drop down to the free version after the free trial…
I think they may do this because it’s too expensive to provide support for smaller teams or something…


Yeah, that’s definitely possible. Although they could take away the support option for teams under 5 and I’d still upgrade…


Just to add my voice (again) to this. I would pay for a sub-5 or single user upgrade for Asana.

The price for a 100 person team is 9.99 per team member. The price for a single user 31.25, or for two users, 16:12 per team member.

Yet, a team of 100, in most scenarios, should be out-earning and out-performing, the team of 2. It seems to then be most expensive for those with the least to gain. This makes Asana significantly more expensive for small teams and, in my opinion, unrealistic for single users.

Come on Asana! I’m testing four other team apps. Someone will get my money. Make it you!


+1 to this request!

I am looking for a (paid) project management solution for my 1-2 person team. Can’t justify paying for 5 licenses when I only need one, but otherwise I’d love to become a paying customer. Until then, I will continue to use the free version while searching for other companies with a pricing model that enables subscriptions for small businesses.


Timeline is the first paid feature we’re interested in having and we would upgrade tomorrow if we weren’t forced into tiered subscriptions.

We’re a 6-member team, which means our subscription would cost double that of 5 members, and it’s not an amount we’re willing to pay.

We don’t see the point of tiered subscriptions from a user point of view. If some companies like the convenience of being able to add users at short notice without changing their subscription that’s fine, give them tiered subscriptions (or just let them buy more seats than they need). But why penalise the rest of us by forcing us into tiered subscriptions?

Why not provide single-user subscriptions as well? Our employee turnover isn’t high so we’re quite happy to update our subscription as and when.

We’d also be happy to have priority support omitted from our subscription if this is something Asana is worried about.


I’ve stayed quiet on this so far as it’s seems everyone else is already speaking my thoughts, but seriously Asana, at least an explanation as to why you’ve set things up the way you have would go some of the way to holding onto those of us frustrated by the current set up.
I would have been happily subscribed to a single user plan for over a year now if it was available, and by the looking of your forums thousands of others would be in the same boat.

It doesn’t make any sense to price all the freelancers and small teams out of the game. According to the below article there are more than 20 million one person businesses in the United States alone (and this article is 6 years old, I would hazard a guess that these numbers are exponentially more now).

That’s a whole lot of businesses that would have to think twice about upgrading to Asana premium and either be content with the free version or find another provider. 22 million in the states alone! Surely that’s a number worth considering?

If the cost of support is the issue, then just offer limited support or an additional upgrade required to access support.

Just please consider making Asana premium accessible for the millions of us out there operating in teams fewer than 5.


Hi @Alexis, I saw a closed thread (Pricing for 1 user - #25) and now this one… but not a single reply from Asana. Who can help?? Regards, Jan


Hey Joshua, I just read your comment on the “Premium: Please support single-user upgrades” Asana thread. I’ve been struggling to find a single-user app myself, very disappointing how few options there.

Wondering about the four other apps you were testing—anything more promising?


Hey @Ashley_Creighton. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to write about competition on here, so I didn’t name them, but here goes! So I took a look at Twist (and Todoist Business), Slack, Trello and Samepage. I know about Dropbox Paper and Evernote Business but haven’t given them much attention.

Slack is great for team communication, but not great as a checklist or task manager. I have important conversations get ignored or buried quickly in Slack. There’s a large organization that uses slack as their user forums to great effect though. As a single user though, it’s not helpful.

Trello is similar to an Asana Board project. It’s visually distracting to me but otherwise promising. I think Trello works really week for any teams interested in Kanban style work.

Samepage is like making a drag and drop website for every project. It’s a really cool concept but I felt like I might lose more time creating project pages than getting things done. It shows some great promise though.

Twist and Todoist Business have potential greatness as well. It combines communication and task management. It’s priced really well too.

All of these are under Asana pricing. I haven’t had a chance to convert and work through changes on any. But, I think the Doist universe seems to hold the best promise in my opinion.


I’m on board here and have been wondering about a single-user option since day one. I love Asana and use it for a lot of things but as a freelancer/contractor, cannot justify purchasing premium across multiple workspaces for the current price.

@Marie @Alexis - are there any updates or information about this you can share? The premium features are very enticing but the pricing model doesn’t make sense. Is there something in the works?


We don’t have any update at the moment @Joseph_Simons. I’ll make sure to keep you posted if something comes up. Thaks for sharing your feedback with us!