Non-Profit Pricing

I’m researching various project management software options. I like Asana a lot, mostly for it’s clean look and simplicity. The problem is that we have a core group of five very active volunteers but also a group of about 25 (and growing) volunteers who aren’t very active. It seems that we would have to pay for 30 (and more) users and the price per user with little activity is just way too high. That said, we don’t want to cut out any of the volunteers who are only participating a little bit. Does Asana have any non-profit options? An option for mostly inactive users? We’re trying to start a school and couldn’t justify paying thousands of dollars for an online platform.

I was wondering the same. Asana is superb! But it is too highly priced @ an individual level - especially for non-profits that are just starting out and are low on funding.

If they could offer discounts for select NGOs as a part of their CSR maybe it would be great.


@Thomas1 I know your query was a long time ago but I’m only now seeing it. Do you know there is a free version of Asana?

Free version only affords 15 users. Original requirement is greater than 25 and growing.

I love Asana… but not having the ability to add more than 15 people sucks. As a nonprofit we can’t afford Asana’s exorbitant premium pricing.

All we need is ability to add more people. We don’t really need any other feature.


I will also chime in requesting Non-Profit Pricing. I understand that Asana does need funds to continue to offer their fantastic program, but non-profit pricing would be fantastic.

For example as a Canadian charity our organization is signed up with which partners with software companies to offer reduced rates to registered charities. If there was a similar program we would gladly upgrade our account.


Same issue here – we’re a German charity but also registered via TechSoup for GSuite and are very dependent on it. I just convinced my board to start using Kanbanchi, and now Kanbanchi’s stopping their free version for teams.


Would like to add our vote for non-profit pricing for US Charities as well! Thank you!


I also want to add our voice in requesting non-profit pricing for US charities. Slack and Google’s non-profit pricing make them essential for the non-profit sector. If Asana were to do the same, their market share of the non-profit sector would see a significant increase.


Our nonprofit organization would also love to upgrade our account for a reasonably reduced fee! We love your tool - the organization capabilities, the integration, the tracking features - but the fee just isn’t realistic for the considerable majority of teams in the nonprofit sector. Perhaps a grant program that reduces an organization’s monthly fee, with guaranteed product feedback via grant reporting requirements to retain an ongoing grant?

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We are also a charity in the UK using Asana, but have hit the limit, but would love to carry on using it.
The 15 person limit is great, but then the leap in cost if you reach 16 just doesn’t make sense, and it is a big leap! Just because the organisation is working with a lot people (many are volunteers) does always equate to an increase in income or financial gain.
Many other organisations offer non-profit deals which really help the good work we all do, shame Asana is not seeing the light at the moment!
The irony is we only use the basic functionality, as a free user, so are unable to try or step up to a more fuller experience, so are in a catch 22 eg we dont see the benefit or fit of a fuller experience but are unable to financially step up and see the benefit (or not).
We will be looking for alternative solutions, or a very very short term layout!
Ho hum pigs bum, as we say in the UK!

I’d also like to add my vote for non-profit pricing - as some of the others above said - we don’t really need “premium” features for most of our volunteers, but we have more than 15 that we’d like to have access - but to pay for just the same 15 people we have now at premium rate is over $1,000, and is way too expensive, when most only need a few tasks a month.

Also I will give my vote to this topic :slight_smile:
We are a non profit organization from Germany and we will use Asana with 20 Users.
If we want to use with 15 users, we dont have to pay. But to use Asana with 20 users, we have to pay 2220€. This is too much. We would be very happy, if there will be an option for non profit organizations or an option to add paid user for the free plan when the user number will much more than 15.

Hi, a top tip… the 15 user limit is per project, so as long as you dont need to have all users in one project you are OK.
We have 25+ users, but we are split over a number of projects, the largest being 10 and it is workable.
I have had a number of discussions with Asana about this, and have almost been brow beaten into upgrading when we really didnt need to.
Yes we dont get all the bells and whistles, but if it works for your team…
Good luck!

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So just to clarify, we are on the free version!

Adding my vote for this! We are a 501c3 nonprofit and run almost entirely by volunteers. We have a team of 15+ and can’t justify the pricing to purchase a plan at the $10/month/person rate with our budgeting. Would love to see the feature to add volunteers for nonprofits.

We are also a German Nonprofit. We really love asana, but it would be great if they’d offer a charity-pricing for teams >15 members. In Germany there is a techsoup-partner, where nonprofits can find great software for a very small fee. So asana, please support charities worldwide via techsoup and help them achiving their missions.

Our non-profit in Brazil, which is in GSuite program and so on, would also highly benefit from a reasonable pricing for non-profits. Asana, please think about it! :slight_smile:

Add us to the list as well… we really like Asana, but definitely would appreciate pricing for 501C3s.

Same here, we love Asana and we have less than 15 people but we could love to have the advanced features for reduced cost. Since we are part-time volunteer non-profit group, we can’t afford the current pricing.