Any other community campaigns using Asana?

I am running a grassroots, community campaign (with a very small budget!). We want to use Asana to decentralise our organising capabilities but cannot afford to pay per user (potentially in the 100s). We want to use Asana to onboard volunteers quickly so they have all the info they need to run a fundraiser/organise a doorknock etc etc without needed to train them face to face. Does anyone currently use Asana in the community campaign or not for profit space and if so, any tips for minimising the cost?

@claudia.perkins - Guests are free, so if there is only a small set that will have the same Domain Userid then you can pay for premium for just that small team ie 5.
Then for the volunteers etc as long as they use there personal email address they will be treated as guests and not have to pay for them.
Have a look at this article.
(Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide)
Hope this helps.


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