Asana Training for a Nonprofit

Hello everyone, I’m the incoming executive director of a small nonprofit (I.e. 5 full time staff with active board/consultants) working on pretty big community development projects. I’m experienced with Asana from past workplaces; however, this nonprofit has not been using any project management tools. That said, we’re going to be rolling out Asana next month and I’m wondering if anyone on this forum has had someone from Asana facilitate their rollout, ideally for no-to-low cost for a nonprofit? I’m seeing that Asana offers a discount to nonprofits as well as an Asana Advisors service. If anyone has done this, I would love to hear about your experience and Any recommendations. Open to other ideas (e.g. Catchafire etc) as i’d really love outside support for the rollout. Thanks for your ideas / recommendations!

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Welcome, @Jarrod_Russell,

I’ve summarized some Asana info for nonprofits in this Asana for Nonprofits Resource List and also this Forum post. You’ll see there that you should check if you qualify for 50% off Asana licenses. Regarding help, Asana’s Advisory program is generally just one hour.

I am an Asana Services Partner focusing on nonprofits, and I do training and rollouts routinely and offer a complimentary hour and discounted rates to nonprofits. Learn more and see testimonials (in the right column) at:

To pursue further, contact me there, or by clicking my image here and then the Message button.



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