Kickstarter Campaigns Using Asana

So I started a Kickstarter Marketing Company-- and then now I am planning a Kickstarter Campaign, utilizing Asana.

So nobody on the team is using Asana prior
Very few have even heard of Asana by name
I mention this because this means I am introducing a completely brand new concept to a lot of these people-- most of them aren’t even using a project management solution nor even know a solution like this exists.

  1. I create a separate “team” for each client
  2. “Kickstarter Client” becomes a team
  3. If I need to make “Hidden” projects I can do so (because I pay for Asana)
  4. I invite all team members and the PROJECT CREATOR (which is an outside 3rd party)
  5. this gives the project creator 100% insight and transparency into the project
  6. this gives project creator the ability to communicate directly with the people on the project, the copywriters, illustrators, the campaign manager (none of these people which are me btw, i try to stay out of the way)
  7. normally companies try to obfuscate this process, and just keep the communication with 1 person, your account executive
  8. but I invited the creator to communicate directly with the team if she wants because that only seems beneficial
  9. We are utilizing the Project Discussion feature quite well
  10. Project: “Brianstorm Tagline” – so we use the discussion feature to have a conversation about what the tagline should be, brainstorm ideas-- in this project we don’t even use the “tasks” part of Asana.

Hi @FATBOY - This is awesome! Super to process here. I think that seeing this process will be helpful for people using Asana for campaigns and many other types of projects.