Using Asana for Community Event Planning

I am helping to organize a community “Fall Fair” and was wondering if anyone has any experience and/or tips for how to use Asana as a support. I know many people in our community are older and a bit resistant to technology, but would probably be ok with receiving emails, etc.

Should my co-coordinator and I be the only ones to use Asana, or should we try to loop in the volunteers that are taking on specific tasks. I think we have about 40 or 50 volunteers involved, with about 15 or 20 heavily involved.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


– Ben

@Ben_Kadel When ever I see a post like this, I think that Asana is one of the best checklist programs available for collaboration. That makes me google the greatest checklists for such things. Of course a premium version has the most features and with unlimited guests the sky is the limit. If you are using the free edition, just remember your 15 member limit. Here is a list I googled in 2 minutes, so get a great list and put it into Asana, break it down as far as necessary and choose your top 15 users. Community Event.pdf (253.0 KB)

Hi @Ben_Kadel,

You could see this page for an overview:

I think there are other posts here in the Community you could search for as others faced something similar if I recall.

You might find a good template here to kickstart:

As to whether you should add the volunteers, in addition to @James_Carl’s points, I’d suggest that for a one-time thing like this, perhaps it would be better to consider for Asana only on the heavily-involved volunteers, starting with a pilot of the core ones to see how it goes. They will need to become Asana users but perhaps the email interface to Asana might make it less obtrusive for some?

Good luck!


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Hi @Ben_Kadel, here is a link to a free video from my course The Asana Training Masterclass on event planning.

I would not recommend looping in 50 people to help plan the event. Asana is pretty intuitive, but that many people with no training will not turn out well IMHO.

Todd Cavanaugh
Training & Consulting for Asana