Non-profit association, event management


we are a non-profit association and are looking for a suitable software solution for our daily voluntary work.

The team behind the association consists of a total of eight board members. In addition, we have a managing director who manages the operational business.

Throughout the year we have many events, campaigns and activities that require a lot of planning. Each project involves different board members. Sometimes working groups are formed to support the work. The working groups are usually made up of members of the association.

As a rule, the planned events follow a certain planning pattern. This includes finding ideas, obtaining approvals, obtaining offers from external service providers etc. .
We would use Asana in such a way that our managing director creates projects, adds the planning pattern and distributes the individual tasks to the board or the working groups. They then work through the tasks and share their results within the project.
In addition, the complete temporal organization of the managing director and the entire board within Asana should also be recorded. This includes board meeting dates, the editorial calendar etc. .

My question is:

  • Can I invite members who do not have a paid Asana membership to certain projects? (Working groups)
  • Can these invited club members then also work on the projects?
  • Can the calendar be synchronized with the Google Calendar?
  • If Google Drive is connected to Asana, will everyone within the company have access to Google Drive? Or can I restrict access to the Google Drive to individual folders within a team?

Maybe someone uses Asana in a similar environment and scope and likes to share. Thank you very much!



Yes. If you are using a paid Asana account for your org/workspace, then you can invite unlimited others without using any of your paid seats, so long as their email address doesn’t use your org’s domain name.


Yes, with limitations; see

You set permissions in Google Drive just as if you weren’t using Asana; Asana will just link to Drive and use its permissions as you configure them there.

Hope that helps,



I would make further comments on the guest issue. You should set your organization up as an Asana Organization not a Workspace using a domain address. Organizations indeed only count domain addresses against member count. I do not believe this to be the case for workspaces. At least in free workspaces, any user is counted. Organizations also have Teams which I strongly suggest be explored for use allowing an additional level.