Any Toastmasters That use or are interested in Using Asana to manage their Club?

I’ve been involved with Toastmasters for a little over a year now, and I have been contemplating how to introduce Asana into the fold to help clubs manage their club operations - coordinating meetings, events, tracking goals, everything.

Now, before anyone points me to the Asana help guide on how to onboard or “sell” this to Toastmasters, I’m posting this here to:

  1. find Toastmasters within the Asana Community who would be interested in this mini-experiment,
  2. get input from anyone who has introduced Asana to their own clubs, and
  3. build a guideline/framework on how to use Asana for Toastmasters.

Of course, if you’re in another club that you think would benefit from this, I’m open to working with you on that too. Think of it as Asana for grassroots clubs, and other not-for-profits.


Hi @atrain101! This is such a fun idea. We have a Toastmasters club at Asana, actually! It’s nothing official and we’re still working out what it’s actually going to look like long term, but I like the idea of collaborating on something like this.

So, to answer your questions,

  1. I’m interested in this mini experiment. I’m delighted to help in any way I can.
  2. While I haven’t introduced Asana in any Toastmasters club, I’ll share the tip that many of our customers have seen success implementing Asana in small “beta” groups. So, starting with a small group to get out the kinks and actively test and learn. I think you’re absolutely on the right track by considering an experiment like this with a small group. It will give you (and us!) free reign to explore a setup that will be sustainable.
  3. Off the top of my head, each club could be a team in Asana. And each club (team in Asana) could have a project for meetings, events, goal tracking, etc. Tip of the iceberg.

I’m excited to see what other people think of this idea!


Thanks @Alexis

I’m still working on getting my club on-board with this idea, so in the meantime, I’ve created a workspace for developing project concepts and templates.

I have experience setting up clubs so if the Asana club is looking for some extra guidance, then I’m sure we can help each other out :slight_smile:

If they’re interested, have someone reach out to me!

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Hi Alexis and atrain,

I am recently president at a South African toastmasters club and also keen on implementing Asana with our exco and club. Alexis, how is your Asana club getting on? Would there be a way to join in on this fun experiment as well. Please send details. Would be keen to work on a TM kanban for the year and work with integrating exec roles to connect to asana modules and possible plug in to things like mailchimp, and maybe event api to easyspeak :slight_smile:

Any traction on the Toastmasters experiment?