Asana for Nonprofits - Asana Nonprofit Discount now available!



Hi everyone! My name is Aaron, and I am a program manager at Asana.

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Asana for Nonprofits program. Check it out here!

We created the Asana for Nonprofits program to provide affordable access to Asana’s technology and services for nonprofit organizations that do good in the world and could not otherwise afford it.

Today, eligible nonprofits can apply for the Asana Nonprofit Discount to receive 50% off on an annual Asana Premium or Asana Business plan.

But we didn’t stop there.

Access to affordable technology is crucial for nonprofits to pursue their mission, but too often access to enablement services are overlooked or forgotten.

All Asana Nonprofit Discount recipients can join the Asana Advisors program and engage with Asana employee volunteers to get pro-bono help with your Asana projects.

We put a lot of thought and love into the Asana for Nonprofits program, and we can’t wait to see the amazing things our nonprofit customers are able to achieve as a result.

Non-Profit Pricing
We are creating a NPO but all members currently have different email addresses
ASANA in school
Understanding the Asana pricing


@Aaron_Williams and everyone involved, this is fantastic–congratulations!!! Looking forward to sharing the word.

The Asana Advisors portion is really wonderful too, and thanks to all the generous volunteers. I actually clicked the “Be an Advisor” button, only to learn this is for Asana employees only :slightly_frowning_face:. I hope you’ll one day consider opening this to Asana Certified Pro Consultants and Partners wishing to give back too. I had requested something like this a couple of times over the past year or more, and thought you had done it.


In the mean time I followed Larry suggestion and added a non-profit section on :+1:


Hey Larry/@lpb :wave:
Great question! At the moment the Asana Advisors program has been designed as a way for Asana employees specifically to give back their knowledge, expertise & experience.

We love your passion & enthusiasm and while this could possibly change in the future, at the moment, this program is structured for internal Asanas to give back & connect directly with the nonprofit community & customers we serve.

That said, @Bastien_Siebman, I love your initiative, as always!

Feel free to post & ping @us here for any other questions you may have.


Well done!


This is really exciting and kind of yourself. THANK YOU ASANA!:1st_place_medal:


This is awesome to see! I love that today we have more and more companies are offering their products to assist non-profits. Thanks for joining the fight Asana!


Great news… Well done to all involved…

Thanks for the reminder @Bastien_Siebman - I keep forgetting to update my empty profile…


That is really nice. Thank you. Is this only applicable for organizations in the US, or world wide?


This is great Friday news! Thanks, Asana.

@Michael_A/@Aaron_Williams, in the terms it states:

Existing customers: Organizations that already have subscriptions to Asana are eligible to renew those subscriptions through this offer.

Does that mean we have to wait until our current subscription runs out to take advantage of the new rate or can we sign up now and have it prorated for the rest of the subscription year?


Hi @Christian_Antonsen :wave:
At the moment, this is only available for US based nonprofit Organization however we do hope to expand this program in the future!


Hi @Crystal_Alifanow :wave:
If you’ve already paid for the year, there’s no need to wait until the end of your plan in order to take advantage of this program!

We encourage all folks who are interested & qualify, to get in touch with our customer support team following these steps.


So glad to hear this! However, the exclusions list is pretty disappointing.

  • There are many synagogues, churches, mosques, and other places of worship doing incredible things in their communities and they are excluded from your nonprofit discount.
  • Local t-ball leagues and similar community programs can’t participate.
  • All advocacy groups, such as those fighting for immigration rights or to curb climate change, also can’t get a discount.

I’d love to see more official nonprofits be able to take advantage of this. There are many more organizations doing important work for communities and our country that Asana’s program doesn’t currently make room for.


This is really awesome - props to Asana for this offer. I work with a number a of non-profits and can attest to the fact that they’re often behind-the-times when it comes to technology/software because of the financial limitations. Well done on helping to bridge that gap!

I will echo @Todd_Cavanaugh about the exclusions. It works out fine in urban, and even most suburban areas… but in rural areas many of the services provided to communities are directly through some sort of church. Most likely these places probably aren’t at the point of using Asana effectively anyways, but still something to consider.

But again, I applaud this step to invest in the non-profit sector.


Hi, that´s truly great. I want to sign in for that in germany. I was redirected to , but here ASANA is not listed. Can please anyone tell us, how we can use this in germany?


@Dennis1 Per Michael from Asana:


:frowning: really? why only for the us ??? please register here for the german non profits:

Could you do this?


Hey @Dennis1! we’re working on internationalizing the Asana Nonprofit Discount right now. We don’t have a definitive date for when we’ll launch with a German partner, but Germany will be in the first wave of countries that we internationalize the Asana Nonprofit Discount for.


Thank you!!!