Asana for Nonprofits - Asana Nonprofit Discount now available!

@Todd_Cavanaugh and @Joel_Charles thank you for your thoughtful response to the announcement of the Asana Nonprofit Discount!

To clarify the eligibility criteria that you touched on for all readers:

  • Religious organizations that have a secular community designation are eligible for the Asana Nonprofit Discount. You can reference the TechSoup documentation on what it means for a religious organization to have a secular community designation here.
  • Community centers and community recreational facilities are eligible for the Asana Nonprofit Discount. This means youth sports organizations are eligible, while amateur sports association are not.
  • We decided to exclude all advocacy organizations to remain politically neutral with the Asana for Nonprofit Discount. Organizations that fight climate change, or provide educational opportunities to teach about climate change, are eligible. Only when an organization crosses over to focus on active advocacy and lobbying activities are they deemed ineligible.

The full eligibility criteria for the Asana Nonprofit Discount can be found here.


Thank you!! As a smaller non-profits helping families dealing with mental health, it’s good to see companies like Asana step up! The Admin fee for Techsoup is a little high overall. I have a subscription, now, so we have to wait to do this right?

Hi @Aaron_Williams, thanks for the response! Please allow me to clarify:

  • Techsoup states, “A secular designation is defined as an organization separate from the church or religious organization that provides services to people regardless of their religious beliefs and does not propagate a belief in a specific faith.” As I stated, this excludes virtually all places of worship which make up about 20% of all US nonprofits. These groups do amazing things in the community. As an example, there is a church-run soup kitchen in my city. They would not be allowed to participate because it’s part of a church and not a separate 501( c)(3). Or if a Muslim homeless ministry wants to hand a family a pamphlet as they also give them new blankets, they can’t qualify. I just think eliminating all religious organizations simply because they have beliefs doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand why government-approved 501( c)(3) status isn’t good enough.
  • Community centers and community recreational facilities have to due with venues and buildings. Something like a local Little League chapter or an after-school gymnastics program isn’t what is listed in the guidelines, but if you’re saying they are eligible that’s great news!
  • Could you clarify what you mean by “active advocacy and lobbying?” Obviously every group fighting climate change is going to use all methods at their disposal like educating others, including politicians. Is there a way you are defining that? This isn’t a hypothetical question because I have a client this might apply to.

Thanks for your help with the Asana community!


Womp womp.

We’re sorry, but the Asana discount program is only available to organizations with annual operating budgets of $10 million or less.

When I saw this over the weekend I was thrilled because it was the answer to how I would get past the loss of Dashboards / whole Portfolios nonsense rollout. (About Dashboard deprecation - #107 by Mark_Hudson ). I could upgrade to Business and pay what I am paying now.

I’m proud of Asana for offering this to nonprofit (seriously nice job) but sad there is a budget cap. Microsoft doesn’t have one for our 365 account. Just because we’re bigger doesn’t mean we don’t work really hard to save money and direct as much as possible to programs.

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This is very exciting, as a nonprofit, we are always looking for ways to make our donations stretch and it’s companies like Asana who extend these generation discounts that really empower us to fulfill our mission. We have been struggling with the decision to upgrade and this makes our decision much easier. We now run into the issue that not everyone in our company utilized Asana Free as my team does and it is paramount that we are able to show value quickly in order to get good adoption across our organization. There are a few of us in the office who rely on Asana everyday, but lack in the skillset to really take it to the next level. Things we’re struggling with, for instance are: how do we determine our teams, what types of projects are best to start with to generate the largest adoption. So thank you Asana, and thank you to all of you professionals who are considering giving your time to help nonprofits and their missions.


Thank you for the feedback @Todd_Cavanaugh!

We’ve captured your sentiment in our nonprofit feedback project, and we’ll take them into consideration when we review with our board.

We’re not experts on nonprofit classification, which is why we formed a strategic partnership with TechSoup. I’d be doing a disservice trying to match their expertise on what classifies a nonprofit as an advocacy or lobbying organization. I recommend asking the specifics of your use case on their community forum to get the most accurate answer.


@Kristian_Sekse I’m sorry to hear that your organization is not eligible for the Asana Nonprofit Discount because of the $10 million or less annual budget requirement.

Asana is not yet at the same size and scale as Microsoft, but we hope to be one day. We are committed to our mission of helping humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly, and the Asana Nonprofit Discount is only one manifestation of how we’re driving towards that as a company.

Our direct goal is to provide affordable access to Asana’s technology and services for nonprofit organizations that do good in the world and could not otherwise afford it. We’ll be sure to re-evaluate eligibility as Asana continues to grow.


Hey Scot :wave:

Reading this made my day! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the program & your insights on where you could use the most guidance & help. Once you’re a recipient of the Asana nonprofit discount and to ensure your success with Asana, I highly recommend that you take advantage of our Asana Advisors program, which sounds like it would meet the needs of you and your team perfectly!

Asana Advisors ( is our customer enablement program, which was designed to allow members of our team to volunteer their time & knowledge via pro bono assistance, in the form of one hour phone/video consultations. I recommend reaching out to an advisor based on their specific skills-sets and the needs of your organization, based on an issue, process or pain point you’re experiencing.

We’re invested in your success & know we can do it together!


+1 to @Kristian_Sekse’s post. $10 mil cap is fairly low and means the discount is mostly for small nonprofits. You rolled out the portfolios feature w/no mention that it would get moved to another tier without warning - a tier that most nonprofits cannot justify or afford to get a single feature back for a few users. And you don’t allow mixed licensing types like many platforms do so we can’t get higher tier licenses for just the handful of folks who need the portfolios feature back.

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I tried to sign up too. I’d love to give my time helping others with Asana. Kind of weird to be honest that the “be an advisor” thing is even available to be clicked on publicly lol.

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You are stuck with us at then :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Aaron_Williams This is great news! Quick question - does the nonprofit pricing stack with the small team discount for Premium? On TechSoup I see the following:

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription at Asana’s current rates. After you request this offer and pay TechSoup’s administrative fee, you’ll directly pay Asana the following amounts for the discounted subscription:

  • Premium: $59.94 per user per year
  • Business: $119.94 per user per year

There is a minimum of 5 users. You can sign up for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100 users or further increments to a maximum of 1,000. You can add users later as needed at the same discounted rate in these increments.

The “per user per year” total for Premium seems to be based on the $9.99 / user / month base price, making this a relatively small discount for small teams that can ordinarily take advantage of the $6.25 / user / year pricing (about 20% off - not nothing, but still). Can small nonprofits like mine subscribe at $37.50 / user / year? Because that would be a game-changer, even the small-team pricing is really a stretch for us, especially since we’re actually a staff of 2, so we’re already paying for 3 seats we don’t need.


Hi @Madeline_Morrison :wave:t3: Marie here, stepping in for Aaron!

Glad to hear you’re excited about this new program dedicated to Non-profit Organizations and thanks for bringing up this question!
We want to make sure to support small non-profit Organizations as best as we can, and will be honoring the 50% discount based on the $6.25/pers for teams up to 15 members. If you have additional questions regarding pricing, feel free to reach out directly to our support team, our non-profit specialists will be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions!

Nb: Please note that small team discounts (for teams of 15 or less) do not apply to Asana Business plans. Therefore nonprofit plans business plans are 50% off the standard $19.99 per person plan bundles for the year.

As always, for the source of truth on all matters relating to pricing , get in touch with our sales team. They’d love to help & ensure that you select the right plan for your needs and team!

Have a lovely Friday!


A step in the right direction! But echo many others with frustration with the lengthy list of exclusions.
Our group works in healthcare and are not eligible. We’re a small team (20) on a premium plan. We were enjoying the small team discount until about a month ago, but now our price has doubled.
I was looking forward to this discount to get back to what we were paying or take advantage of the new Portfolios feature. However, it seems our team cannot take advantage due to working in a hospital to better the life of patients (odd exclusion) despite only having our small team on asana. I know the hospitals operating budget is above the maximum amount, but our teams budget is no where near it. :frowning:

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Thanks Marie, that’s great to hear! We will definitely take advantage of that!


I think we have to wait until our year ends. What’s the benefit of doing it beforehand?

Hi @Adrienne_McCue,

As recommended by @Michael_A in this post, I would encourage you to reach out directly to our support team

Have a great Monday :slight_smile:

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For our non-US based nonprofit friends, we just shared some exciting news that the Asana Nonprofit Discount now available in 24 more countries!


Why would I have to cancel my account, that is ending in 2 days, just to start a new one with the discount as a nonprofit? That makes no sense. You should be able to update my account with another year, with the discounted code that I paid for with Tech soup. I need to talk to someone, please. I don’t want to lose any of my data, and canceling my account will do that, correct?