Asana Nonprofit Discount now available worldwide!

Hi everyone!

We’re thrilled to share that the Asana for Nonprofits program is now available worldwide.

Find out if your nonprofit is eligible and apply for the Asana Nonprofit Discount to receive 50% off on an annual Asana Premium or Asana Business plan.

All Asana Nonprofit Discount recipients also have access to the Asana Advisors program. This volunteer group of Asana employees can help set up your team for success with Asana.

The nonprofit communities reception to Asana over the last year has been amazing. The Asana for Nonprofits program for US-based nonprofits first launched in November 2018, and over a thousand incredible nonprofit organizations have joined the Asana family since then.

With today’s global expansion, we’re looking forward to welcoming more incredible nonprofit organizations from every corner of the world to the Asana family. We’re excited to see the amazing work nonprofits achieve with Asana!

*If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact our client service partner for your country via the following link


This is amazing. Pleeeeeease consider opening this up for co-ops with a public benefit focus!

Hi, if we buy the connecting up discount subscription, will it automatically link to the account we already have? We already have business and would like to link the discount to that. Thanks!

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Hi @Hannah_Carling,
Once you apply for the nonprofit discount and are approved, you’ll receive a fulfillment email from the Connecting Up team with instructions for how to apply it to your Asana account. Speaking specifically to your case, since you’re already on a business plan, then you’ll need to reach out to our user operations team with the discount code that Connecting Up will provide, and our team will be able to apply the 50% off discount to a new annual business plan; this process won’t occur automatically.

Hope this helps!

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This is should be a breath of fresh air for the third sector. If public sector can be added to this program eventually this is going to be rally natural progression of the program to the next level.

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