Bad redesign for our company needs

Very unhappy with the redesign and want to go back to the one that functioned properly. Now our Team Projects disappear and do not stay in the left panel as they used to.

I depend on being able to glance over at the project list. How do I go back to the design that worked? This is not what I signed up for.

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Hello @Jennifer_Yacio ,

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There is no way to go back to the previous design. Have you tried already to sort the project list alphabetically?

If you need custom sorting, you can use the favorite project function, start the projects you need and sort them manually from the starred section via drag and drop.

All in all, you should have more flexibility now on how to use this section of Asana, and what you had before should still be reproducible.

Please share more info on what you are missing if the above does not help.


I don’t need it sorted. I need the list of projects visible and easily accessible, as it was before. Right now I have about 38 book projects going and it is hard to skip from project to project.

Having to hover over the scrollbar and scroll down VERY CAREFULLY (to avoid losing the window) is very tedious when you have a long list you need to navigate quickly and often. I used to be able to switch between multiple projects with ease. Now I can only see the first ten or so projects, and sometimes lose the window when I have to hover and scroll - which adds to the already aggravated sense of annoyance.

This redesign is clunky and difficult to navigate for companies with many projects.


I usually got to each project under a team. If there is a better place to access them all at once I would be glad to know.

And I want to note that I appreciate you getting back to me!

@Jennifer_Yacio if you favorite the team then you are one click away from your project lists, this is still too different from before?

One click every 5 minutes X 40 hours a week really adds up. There is GREAT benefit to having a list of projects within a team visible at a glance. See the lengthy list of dissatisfied customers at Feedback on sidebar redesign


I like how you think about productivity @Jeremy_Lind, that‘s the right mindset indeed :slight_smile:

I get your point and I see how this can be frustrating.

Please note that I don’t work for Asana, I am just trying to be of help. The suggestion I am going to give you is most probably not going to resonate with you at the beginning because you are used to another workflow (grabbing the mouse → scrolling a little bit → looking for a project → clicking once), but if you make the effort to adjust your habit, you are going to be way faster by using the workflow I suggest, even compared to the older design of the sidebar.

All projects, if not already, should have a naming convention, to open the project, instead of using the sidebar, you should use the search. To get to the search, you should use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL or CMD + K) and type directly without ever moving your hands away from the keyboard.

Navigating Asana with the search and using keyboard shortcuts is generally faster. As a matter of fact, using keyboard shortcuts in general and keeping hands on the keyboard instead of reaching for the mouse and then hitting the right option is faster.

I don‘t expect you to like the answer now, but I am sure that if you make the effort to rewire your brain to navigate to the projects this way, once using the search like this becomes second nature, you might end up loving the new approach and keeping the sidebar hidden for most of the time :slight_smile: .

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I appreciate all the input. But no one has been able to address the problem I am having, and why I may now need to move to a different platform.

I NEED TO BE ABLE TO GLANCE OVER AND SEE THE LIST of projects, IN ORDER, as I am navigating the other projects tasks. Used to be able to do this, and Asana was my go-to. I had every project in a specific order easy to see as I was checking the tasks on another. This necessary list used to be on the left hand side of my screen.

Now this list is gone and hard to access more than a few projects at a time. I have almost 50.

If anyone knows how this can be changed or how the list can be pinned to the side as before, great!

If not - suddenly Asana is not helpful for my company’s specific needs.

Nope. I need the project list on the side as it was before. But thank you for your time.

Thanks Jeremy. The list of dissatisfied customers shows me that I am not alone, but also that my problem has been seen and shared many times with no fix from Asana. Time to start looking at other options. Appreciate the info!

YES, I second this. I HATE the redesign. I am a very organized person and have used Asana for a while now. I have never experienced something like this before where a redesign made me frustrated. I usually love updates and new features because supposedly they make your life easier. I’m trying out Notion and might be switching. I’m totally fine with them redesigning their thing but I hope they left us the option to either use it or not!

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This option sometimes does not work because we use a blank project and name it with a dashed line to separate categories. If I sort it alphabetically, it wouldn’t appear in the order we want it to be. That’s just easier for my client and she is paying me so I will have to do what’s easier for her. Hopefully, Asana will bring the old layout back. Either that or give us the option to layout our projects the way we want it to be!

Yes, we badly need the drag and drop to be back!!!