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In the new asana interface, I can’t seem to drag and drop project order in the left panel anymore. They just organize automatically by most recent, which is impossible to keep organized. Is this a bug? A feature of the UI? A setting I’ve missed somewhere?


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Might have to do with the left-hand menu redesign Asana is working on. They are currently testing various layouts and usually you can submit your feedback on the bottom left in Asana.
More info here: 🔬 Sign up for early access to our next redesign

Is that what you are referring to as well? Do you see that change in your Asana?


Hi @anon96401481!

Do you have a sorting option selected? That can make it so you can’t drag/drop the order. I think yours may be sorting by Created On?

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@ZacharyAlso , I think the question was related to the project order on the left hand side and not related to tasks.
Anyways, your hint is a common “mistake” when having issues with sorting tasks manually by drag & drop! So I guess this will help the one or another… :+1:

Ahh, thank you for pointing that out! Would help if I actually read the questions properly :joy:

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Thanks for your reply, that’s exactly what I’m referring to. I checked the page you linked for the redesign information and filled out the response form. When I finished the form, the redirect page said that it’s possible to deactivate the redesign test layout and revert back to the regular interface in the hacks menu, but my hacks menu doesn’t include that setting.

Does anyone know if it’s still possible to turn off the new menu redesign?

Hm good question so normally when you specifically sign up for some new testing like this one was then you can opt-out, however Asana also sometimes runs A/B tests in general for all users or part of their process so I am not quite sure if you can opt-out. @Marie any idea in Alyssa’s case?


If it helps Marie or anyone else, I don’t believe I opted in. I never filled out the form or anything. It’s just a pretty new workspace and when it was built, it had the new set up. My other older workspaces still have the old one. My guess would be that since I never opted in, it would make some sense if I couldn’t opt out.

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Thanks for looping me in @Andrea_Mayer, I’m checking in with our team!


I’ve payed new organization. And now my projects shown as a one list, not grouped by teams. Below there are teams, but to view their projects, you should point mouse to team, it’s not convenient.
I cannot change it in settings, how could i change side bar to standard look, where projects grouped by teams, list of project opened by clicking on triangle near team name.
Best regards, Timur Sharapudinov.


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I have merged your post into an existing thread. Have a look at my comment here

Marie is currently checking with her team whether testing is being done for more users right now.

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I’m also sure i didn’t opt anything. Looking forward for solution from @Marie.

Hi folks and sorry for the delay in responding here.

I think we have two situations here:

  1. Folks who have volunteered to opt-in 🔬 Sign up for early access to our next redesign. If that’s your case, you should see a “send feedback” link in the bottom left of your sidebar (see screenshot below) and you should have the option to opt-out in Product.

  2. Folks who were randomly enrolled in one of our A/B test related to our sidebar redesign. If that’s your case, you should not see the “send feedback” link in the bottom left of your sidebar (see screenshot below). In this case, you cannot opt out of the test, but we encourage you to share your feedback here so we can take it onboard as we continue iterating on these updates.

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.08.33 AM

I believe most of you are in the second group and were enrolled in one of the A/B tests we’re currently running. Please continue to share your feedback here, and I will ensure to share it directly with our product team.


I’m afraid we don’t have even this button “share feedback”! What should i do next? Support doesn’t answer my emails. Work in this design is just impossible for our team? Should i disconnect my domain and set up a new organization?

@Timur_Sharapudinov, I’m sorry that this new layout isn’t working for you. The best thing I can do is ask you why specifically it doesn’t work for you so your feedback can be taken onboard. The A/B test will likely run for 6 weeks, after which we will either roll out this update as it is or iterate it before rolling it to all customers - hence why your feedback is important.

6 weeks from what moment? This is common moment for all or from the moment i start my organization? Your announcement for sign up of this Side bar look is at 22th of october, 6 weaks have been passed already.
Specifically, it’s extremely uncomfortable, that project’s are not grouped in teams, and a cannot sort them inside by drag and drop, as in standard look, and thus we have mess when there are much projects.
And could you please once again explain, what exactly happen in 6 weeks? Either you proceed with new design to everybody, or roll back to all users, right?

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Thanks @Timur_Sharapudinov; this feedback is super useful. The A/B test and 🔬 Sign up for early access to our next redesign are two separate things. I believe the A/B test you have been enrolled in only began a few days ago.

Hi @Timur_Sharapudinov , I’ve been testing the new layout for a month now. Like all changes, it does take some time getting used to, but I find that it’s actually quite intuitive. The ‘Projects’ section is actually an auto-populating ‘Recent Projects’ list (which I have sent the relevant feedback to have it renamed as such, so it’s clearer) which is very useful.

As for the ‘Teams’, I actually don’t mind not being able to expand each team because I always have them collapsed (to avoid lots of scrolling) but I do miss being able to sort projects within the Navigation bar. However, referring to your issue that you mention above, you can still sort your projects within the Team’s page so you can organize them as you wish.

Hope this helps!

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Just adding my feedback here that I also DO NOT LIKE the new side bar organization in the A/B test. Please give us back the old version!! I want the layout to go back to organizing projects under teams. It’s so much easier for my brain and for managing the work of multiple teams.

I understand that I can view each team’s projects by clicking on the team but I don’t want to have to click one more time or direct other people to click one more time into their team to view their projects. It’s much easier for people to be able to move their own teams to the top of their side bar and therefore have direct access to each project with just one click. Making users click into their team is just one more step and is not as intuitive. It makes my job of on-boarding a new organization into Asana that much harder, especially when the people I’m working with are not super tech-savvy.


I also do not like the new layout. Organizing into teams and having a toggle for the associated projects directly underneath the team makes way more sense and is much more user friendly.

Additionally, the there should be an option to change the order in the Projects section in alphabetical order and manually reorder, in addition to “Top” and “Recent”