Organize the order of Teams better in left-pane

We currently have a lot of teams inside our Asana and my left bar has become really cluttered even if all the teams are collapsed.

I would be great to be able to keep the favourites list sticky on the top so I don’t have to scroll back all the way up to navigate to my favourites.


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As a workaround do you know you can reorganize teams by drag and dropping?


@Louis-David, Have you tried the search box to navigate from project to project? That’s what I use most of the time. Just Tab-/ to focus the search box, type a few characters of the project name, select in the dropdown and no messing with the sidebar which I generally keep closed to allow for more real estate in rest of the Asana tab.

Hope that helps too,


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Thanks for the tips, I wasn’t aware of it! I will try to use it in my workflow see if it helps!

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