Feedback on Workload feature

I’m just copying here part of a thread I had with Support. As requested, they said to include in Product Feedback…

As Workload is something that applies to people and not projects, it makes much more sense to be able to view workload per organisation/department/team/assignee.

Portfolios don’t necessarily contain the same subsets, since you manually add projects and thus project teams. Resources (assignees) may also be included in projects that’s are outside a portfolio and so not all their workload is seen.

While I think the Workload functionality is a great new addition to Asana, I believe this is just a starting point and vital to make it a lot more valuable, the developers really need to consider implementing these other views.

Further to this, I believe the Workload feature needs to consider resource availability as well (ie vacations, holidays, planned absence, working hours).
Each assignee needs to have an availability calendar ( and not just the “Show Me as Away” in profiles).

I’d be interested to know how others tackle this issue.

Do you create a project specifically as a “vacation planner” for the team, assign absence to individuals and and then include that project into every other project the team is working on?
This seems a bit clumsy but I don’t see another way.

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Its been several weeks since Workloads were introduced but it seems there hasn’t been much progress in their implementation.
I still hold the view that the primary purpose should be to be able to see the allocation of all work by resource (ie. Assignee).

The current implementation by Portfolio is incomplete because not all projects will be included in the portfolio. Therefore Workloads is not a very usable feature yet.

Are you working on implementing Workloads per Team or Assignee?
As as starting point you could perhaps implement a ‘super-portfolio’ that automatically contains every project. This way it would be possible to view the Workload across all projects.

However I believe it would make much more sense to add the Workload view to Teams and to include all the projects that Team owns.

An update on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can use my tool Global Workload to see a workload accross the entire organization