Looking for Ideas: How to Forecast a Pipeline of Work

Hey Everyone!
We currently use Asana with the Everhour Integration. Our clients are set up as separate projects with a start and end date for every project or retainer agreement. We estimate all (almost all) the tasks using the integration. We use sub tasks that roll up into the main “deliverable” task.

What we would like to do a better job of is being able to figure out future workload to see who’s overcommitted, where we may need freelancers etc. Is there anyone out there on the Premium tier (not business) who has figured out a report in Everhour or something in Asna or Instagantt?

And is there anyone out there using the Business tier that believes it would solve this need?

Curious for some feedback –
Thank you for your time!

Did you look at the workload feature? Although it does not count subtasks…

Hi @Alisa_Hall. The workload option in Asana will indeed help with this. It does take a bit of work to get it set-up for all team members/projects/tasks, but if used diligently it works well. As pointed out, you can’t allocate an “effort” against sub-tasks, so the effort for these will need to be incorporated into the main tasks to be accurate. It is only with Business tier and up. Maybe trial it and see if it meets your needs? https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/workload

Thank you – yes, we use subtasks quite a bit.

Thank you – we may need to review how we are doing our planning – but we have been using subtasks successfully –
Thanks again!