Forecasting workload and budgets

Hi! We’re currently on Asana Premium plan, and I am looking for solutions for hacking our forecasting better than we do today.

As of today I am having a struggle with two things:

  1. forecasting wether our employees are under- or overbooked within the monht, next month etc. Today I am fetching reports with the criterias “assignee”, “dates”, “project” and adding up the hours. However, I’m doing this for 25 employees that are on 6-8 projects each month and it’s a bit too time consuming.

  2. forecasting projects budgets - if continuing with all planned tasks and all already billed hours. We have approx. 30-45 projects ongoing every month. Projects are within scope the first week after uploading, but tend to creep within 20-40% of the project time. To pay attention to this, our project managers work in excel twice a month to do forecasting and this manual job is extremely time consuming. We use formulas like (retainer)-(billed)-(planned hours left*avg. price per resource) to see if our budget is on track or if its moving towards over producing. We are also looking at project delivery time - are we producing at a steady pace or are we working too fast/slow. Everything is having an effect on our workload and capability to take on new projects, so its extremely important to have these forecasts, but we wish to have it with all-time-updated numbers, not having to do it manually 2x/month.

All tips on videos I should look at, other apps to add to our project management, AI or upgrades are much appreciated! We are currently using EH extention for time tracing-purposes only.
TIA !:pray:t2:

Hi @Hanne_Cecilie_Wærnhu , welcome to the forum :wave:

I’m fairly certain the answer to your struggles is to upgrade to the Business tier, complemented with hiring an Asana Solutions Partner (like myself, and others in the forum with an orange badge) to help you get your Asana working better for you.

The Business tier will provide you with Portfolios and the Workload feature, as well as formulas so you could potentially eradicate those Excel sheets.

I am also well familiar with the Everhour integration, which is great and I can also help you make the most out of it to track your project budgets and costs.

Let me know if you want to dig deeper!



Hi @Richard_Sather and thanks for your welcoming :blush: I would very much want to dig deeper on this! I’ll send you an email to follow up on this matter!

Hanne Cecilie

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