Professional Services - Who has nailed project forecasting & resourcing in Asana


I’m setting up a new professional services company and so I’m starting with a fresh look at tools. I’ve never used Asana before but having a play around with it I like it, it’s got a good UI, it’s nice and simple you can customise it, easily integrate and there is a solid community.

The area’s I am struggling with at the moment, however, is project budgeting & forecasting as well as resource management or PPM. At a previous company, I helped they were using Smartsheet and Waterfall and I had a lot of success by integrating Meisterplan & Grow.

Project Tracking

  • Track how much of a project is completed against how many hours (or budget) has been used
  • Track based on current velocity if the project will be delayed

Resource Management

  • Show all users capacity (this is done in Workload)
  • Show available capacity by person or role
  • Test capacity of new projects too see when we need to hire someone or when a new project can start based on availability

If anyone has nailed this in their professional services or digital agency please let me know how you did it and what tools you used :slight_smile:


Are there any replies here that I just can’t see?