Outplanr - adding resource planning to your Asana Projects

The holy grail of being productive has three elements:

  1. Capture stuff (as per Dave Allen’s GTD methodology) and there seem to be options here to get things into Asana
  2. Create collaborative projects quickly and share them. Asana is amazing at this
  3. Be able to add resources, times to actually get the ideas done. This post is focused on that last stage.

Currently Asana cannot do #3 for several reasons: no start dates, no durations, no resource planning etc

I have just stumbled across Outplanr. It has impressed me! Currently free and in beta it is likely to be a similar price to Forecast according to their website ie $5 per user / per month.

I liked the simplicity of Forecast and currently enjoying the 30 day trial. That plans just at the project level. Outplanr appears to have excellent integration with Asana , great documentation, simple to use yet very powerful.

oh this gets better! I can see ALL of my Asana workspaces in one place on Outplanr! Then when I look at my Outplanr Calendar view it shows me all of tasks with durations so I can see how full my day is!