Seasonal Resource Planning

Hello! I’m looking for the best way to track and monitor seasonality of resources. For example, during our busy season, we have influx of customers that we need to dedicate travel/launch resources to, meaning they won’t be in the office to manage reactive inquiries, which will require us to restructure our team on dates of lower resources. Additionally, we’ll need to set thresholds for when we have a max amount of resources dedicated on certain dates, alerting the larger teams that there can be no additional requests on these specific dates.

Any reccos for plug ins or just basic management on how to do this in Asana via a calendar, and OOO tool, or something else?

I have no idea :scream: the sure thing is that it seems complex to be dealt with Asana only… Do you have a Business account with access to the Workload feature?

Hi @elizabeth.cluckey and welcome!

In addition to what Bastien said above, you could also look into third party integrations: Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana