Resource Management and Time Blocking

I am struggling with a resource management/time blocking/workload solution. We currently use a third-party app for this, but it’s just a one-way integration. Every time a deadline shifts or a change needs to be made, we need to update our schedule in both Asana and the third-party app. I’ve tried to add a Zap, but none seem to be working. This process is too time consuming and things change quickly here.
The workload option on Asana is underwhelming. The little blue and red hills don’t show me useful data. It would be great if Asana offered a true calendar view, but since they don’t I assume I still need a third-party app. Are there any two-way integrations out there that will accomplish just this one little thing? I don’t need time tracking or anything else, I just need to be able to manage my team’s available time versus the tasks we have in Asana.
Would love some app suggestions from the community!

You might want to have a look at Real time, two ways Calendar integration, within the discussions they talk about ProjectBuddy that does 2-way calendar sync.

Does that help?

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Thanks, Bastien. We don’t use Google at all here, only Outlook, but I haven’t tried this option yet. Every other app I’ve looked at so far has some limitation. They either don’t pull in the allocation field that we’ve already built into Asana, or they don’t pull the scheduled date, or they don’t have two-way integration.