Time blocking tools

Love Asana so much, but there’s one feature I’d love to have to make it a real all-in-one tool for me - time-blocking.

What I envision is an integration that pulls data from sources like GCal and allows me to schedule blocks of time for my tasks from within Asana - maybe by dragging them from my board or list to an Agenda column or adding times to work on them from within the Calendar view. Being able to plan my day by time commitments rather than the simple lists I have available to me would be a massive help in organization and prioritization.


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Hi @Andy22

Have you had a look at the Clockwise Integration;

And Clockwise • Asana




I have! It’s not flexible or direct enough for what I’d like to be able to do, though. Clockwise only seems to give me a choice of focus blocks in which to schedule a task, and I can’t see my GCal for context when I do. Maybe I’m missing something in the existing functionality, though?

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