Capacity planning with asana premium

Hi everyone,
So I have been advocating for my company to move from premium to business but it just isn’t going to happen. the cost/benefit just doesn’t add up at this point, however, I REALLY need a better way of dealing with capacity planning for the teams I am looking after. Do any of you have any tips on how to track capacity in Asana with the Premium? weird and wonderful workarounds are welcome!! I am open to anything at this point.
I have been looking at and testing other tools but really want to stay with Asana!!

Looking forward to hearing from some of you.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for reaching out, @tom.marsh!

I understand you’re looking for some details on capacity planning with Asana Premium, but the best way to achieve this is with the Business plan and Workload/Capacity feature: Workload • Asana.

While I don’t have any workarounds to offer at this time, hopefully our Community can share some with you! :slight_smile:

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If you have a “time spent” or en equivalent on tasks, then you can benefit from using Universal Reporting for example to have the sum of time spent per assignee between two dates…