Custom Fields in My Tasks

This would be absolutely great feature! Was looking just for that when found this thread


We need this feature!


If we have custom fields in ‘projects’, why not select that filter to display in My Tasks also? if availble, it will display, if not, it won’t? As we use this custom field with all our projects priority will then display in My Tasks. As a db designer this is not complicated for you guys to add to display, purely a Master → slave relationship. if easier for your db just restrict the editing of priorities (custom field changes) in My Tasks and make view only.


Upvote please, critical for somthing like “priority”. Having to click in to view is a pain


How can i do that? Can you share your script? Thanks in advance!

We are not really able to share the custom scripts we create. I am hoping that Asana will enable this in the app and we can retire our custom script.

+1. This seems like a nobrainer. Custom fields of choice to My tasks urgently needed!

Thanks in advance.


Is this feature in development? We’re relying on tags to get the job done right now.

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need this feature. please add!

As Project Director, I have created a My Tasks project for each member of my team to be able to set priority and status. This is not efficient and makes priorization difficult…

Having Custom Fields in my task is a must to be able to organize work


How about an advanced search option one can save as a report that can display the custom fields filtered and or divided by any field or by day/week etc?



We use Asana for scrum in our org. Aside from aforementioned usefulness of something like task priority, this feature would be especially useful for us since the primary method for assessing dev capacity is to be in individual task pages.

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Yes, this would be very helpful. Better to give us the choice to us to decide whether custom fields would clutter our “my tasks” or not. Or at least create a standard (accross everythign) custom field of "Importance (High, Medium, Low) or Priority (High, Medium, Low) that we can all use everywhere. Hope to see this change!


Yes, totally agree here. Custom fields can be so powerful, but they are virtually useless if you can’t see them in My Tasks, which is the standard view for actually working through tasks.


This is a heavily requested feature, please integrate this soon!! I need to see custom fields as I treat My Tasks like my personal “Desk space” I had previously made project called “JH Desk” and I want to use My Tasks instead of having to create a “Desk” project for each team member. But, it seems that until this is implemented, the only way for me and my team to see these custom fields is to make a project for each one of our “Deskspaces” and that will clutter the projects the more team members that we have. Custom Fields in My Tasks PLEASE!! Thank you!


This would be great! I have a priority custom field and a progress custom field for a lot of my projects that we use to monitor if a task has been started and/or if we need creative from a client. Being able to view these fields similar to in the project view where you can go into a Manage Custom Fields in the drop down and the option to show or hide any of the custom fields from the list view with the little eye ball would be awesome.


I believe this feature should be added. But for the time being, I’m using Tags as my ‘Custom Fields’ for My Tasks. Hope this helpful short-term solution


We really need Customs Fields in My Tasks page. Pls integrate this soon!!!


Makes sense for things like Priority and Status.


We would definitely use this feature!!