Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

Yes! Lack of ability to have multiple forms attached to 1 project PLUS lack of conditional logic are MAJOR roadblocks for our service departments full adoption of Asana.
Our HR department is using Google Forms and our IT department is using Form Assembly to collect information and requests, which severely limits their ability to translate that in to an Asana workflow or task.


I absolutely agree with this it needs to be done

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100% agree. Need multiple forms for different parts of a project. I am working on a audit and need different teams to review different items of a project.

I agree! This would be extremely useful.

Wow - can’t believe it. Thought this was a joke haha - only one form per project? Kinda feels like a novelty, not a feature. One more vote for multiple forms :slight_smile:

We also agree that Forms is almost useless if it only allows for 1 form per project

Yes! I can’t explain this one to our team members–it makes me wonder what in the world is going on inside the product team at asana. Are there any actual users ever asked for input when discussing features?

This is an incredibly important/basic feature - I was demo’ing the product to my team and thought I was just doing something wrong because it’s so obvious multiple forms are needed in a single project. Please fix asap!!

YES! This is so important!

Just checking in to see if anyone has heard anything on this subject? We are still extremely excited about the potential for forms, would love to see them become something we add to our workflow.

Hi @Tommy_Casual, I don’t have an update just yet, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!

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Agreed, more than one form in a project or forms with conditional logic would be SO useful.


Yes, and: can we please also remove the default (and unremovable) requirement for Name and Email? I totally understand the value for many, but at least make it removable…


The feature looked really interesting but only having 1 form with no conditional logic killed it for me.

We would love to have conditional logic so we could have “bug reports” use 1 form and “ideas” another form. Or in general just change the questions depending on different answers to get better task descriptions.


You can add multiple attachments already :slight_smile:

This topic just came up today as we are just beginning to onboard Asana. Definitely a must for us. So many of our projects require different types of Intake. Currently, we would have to create multiple projects to use a form and it doesn’t make for good workflow. Look forward to this being added to Asana! :slight_smile:


Totally agree on this one. I love having the fields, but making them required kills the form for a project if I don’t need it.

Or maybe somehow link Asana forms into Qualtrics? Just a thought.

We are doing the same and conditional logic to show/hide questions based on selecting from a dropdown in a previous question would be amazing.

I agree with others. Forms look really useful. I created my first one then realized I couldn’t make any others for my project. So can’t use now. Deflated, please add :frowning: