Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

I couldn’t agree with all of you more! I came from using Wrike where I had WAY more options for capabilities as well as 24/7 customer service, so there is a lot that frustrates me about Asana. They are definitely “behind the times” on many aspects - only allowing one form per project is one of many. And then there’s the option to only upload 1 attachment…what???
Most importantly though, being able to have more than 1 form per project is of the utmost importance!

What is everyone else doing in lieu of this option?

Agree with Cameron here - if you don’t need them on your form, they shouldn’t even appear. Duh!

Yes please!! We use the form feature for internal drafting requests, and it has been a huge help, but since different types of requests require different information to be conveyed to the drafter, we are currently limited to using this feature for only one kind of request. It would be so much more functional if we could have multiple forms, that way all drafting requests could be tracked in one Project and we would use the existing “Sections” feature to organize within that Project. Asana, if you’re waiting for “enough” people to request this expansion, count me in!

Just chiming in here as well - multiple forms per project would be awesome! Our use case is for employees to request payments from the accounting team.

Currently, we have a form to request payment of a vendor invoice (attach the invoice, etc). We would also like to create a form for Employee Expense reimbursements. It’s the same team and the process is similar, but the form fields need to be different - it’s not relevant to “attach an invoice” or indicate “vendor’s preferred payment method”. So we’d need a different form.

Make it happen Asana!

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It is really disappointing that this has yet to be implemented…this post is from April.
At the moment , forms kinda feel like a new Google product/feature. It has incredible potential, but you better patient because it will be 5 years before it is actually worth using.

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Yes! Please add this to your roadmap, Asana. Having multiple forms would be a game changer. One form is very limiting.

I need this… like yesterday.

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I am also one that would love to see Multiple forms on projects. we are using flowsana for form automation and automatic assigning of a team member and also email confirmation to the client BUT would also like to use a form for internal purposes. This essentially means we need 2 forms as I dont want clients getting notifications for internal forms

this is a must @Asana

OMG please develop this feature already! Soooo silly for the to be named “Forms” but you can only use one. PLEASE PLEASE do this for us!! :frowning:. So inefficient to have all these separate projects for one on-going large projects by client.


This would be such a game changer! We’d love to track feature requests, bug reports, and interest forms into one singular project instead of having to manage them all through three different projects.


This would definitely be super helpful for our business! We have forms for employees and customers to fill out and having to have separate projects is pretty inefficient!

It would be amazing if projects could have more than one form. I suppose Asana might want us to have different projects if we need vastly different forms but this should be flexible and left up to the team using them. I can easily see the case for multiple forms within a given project and have been asked this during some of my Asana Pro Sessions!

Please do this @Asana_Admin

Honestly not having the ability to create multiple forms is really weird to me. Why have the aspect at all if it’s so limited?

Definitely have a need for multiple forms per project. We have different forms for different phases of projects.

Totally agree! This whole time I’ve assumed you could have multiple forms. Only just now had the need and boy was I disappointed to find that’s not the case.