Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

Hi Sara,

You could consider automating this step with a “Task added to this project --> Add to another project” rule action.

This would be very helpful for our instructional design process. We have multiple forms that need to be completed when someone submits a training request and combining it all into one form is not ideal.

Are there any updates on when this might be an available feature?

It surprises me that this was originally posted in the forum a year ago, but I still haven’t been able to find any response from Asana on whether they’re looking to enable this?
Would definitely be helpful for our organisation - I’m looking to create a project that contains all our administration requests for staff (e.g. they want a virtual event set-up, they want some printing done, they want to book rooms etc). But I can only see this working if we can have multiple forms within the project (e.g. one form for room bookings, one form for printing requests etc). Creating separate projects for each of these categories would blow out the team’s list of projects - I’d much rather have one go-to place for our staff to request anything of admin.
If anyone has any other thoughts on how I could do this let me know! But ideally - multiple forms in one project please!! :slight_smile:

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I agree with this post. It would great to allow for multiple forms per project. Additionally, setting the Forms tab (which is plural, by the way) to go to the form itself, instead of the editable version of the form would be a great way to prevent people accidentally making edits to your form thinking they are filling it out.


Given the number of interests in this topic, it would be good to hear some feedback about Asana’s plans:

  • Is this a use-case that will be supported?
  • If so, what is the estimated time frame?
  • Is there a recommended work-around?

There are many competitive services that now support multiple forms per project and logic for cascading column filters within forms, including Smartsheet, PowerApps, and Wrike.

Let’s catch up!

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This is essential for our company. I just spent time creating a form, made the project a template and expected it to still be attached to my project but it is not. And, I wanted to be able to have several forms attached to this one project for new clients.

I see in another thread the possibility of copying a form coming soon but what about it automatically being part of a template and having several forms attached to one project. I REALLY don’t want to have to use Google forms or switch to a different app for this. I love ASANA but am failing to meet my client’s needs in this respect.

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My organization also has this need. We currently funnel requests into a general request queue and then triage from there. Requests can range from billing inquiries to tracking code installation. Having multiple forms, or better yet, conditional / logic forms would be a fantastic feature.

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I’m currently trialing a business account, but the fact that multiple forms per project or at least conditional logic is not built in yet, is a definite deal breaker. People have been requesting for over a year and it seems an obvious need for most workflows. I’ll be downgrading back to Premium (just for the custom fields) and then need to look for Asana alternatives.


BTW - Zapier might be an option for some if you want a workaround that looks at field values and makes changes to a task based on those values. I’m currently using Zapier as more powerful alternative to Rules.

Agree Stan! I’m also looking at Pipefy which has forms and conditional logic built into every aspect of the tool.

Good luck to you, Ryan. Take a look at Smartsheet, too. Very solid AND flexible.

Multiple Forms would be great!