Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

Is there an ETA on this feature? Have enough users requested it yet?

It’s a must for us to have multiple forms in the same project - we’ll have different people inside and outside our organization answering questions, thereby creating tasks.

as others have noted, it seems odd that the tab is named Forms (plural) even though there is only one…

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Any Update on this be super helpful to have this along with conditional logic?

We need this feature to support forms in multiple language. Thanks.

Agreed, this forces us to go outside asana and use things like google forms to complete the same function. A huge inefficiency and redundancy.

This feature is a must! Thanks for considering it to be added to the rollout.

I was looking through Asana on how to create more than one form, which took me here. It’s obviously a popular want. I’m surprised they haven’t implement it yet. I wonder why though?

Need it Desperately PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Hey Marie,

There seems to be lots of us after the feature, and really, I could’t believe that we’re limited to one form. Seen the topic goes back over a year. Any updates?


This would be great. We actually want to use the forms to track the staffing and the individual tasks. Therefore it would be required to have multiple forms (potentially for each column in a project) to request the information from each employee. In addition to this it would be amazing to add a time span rather than a final/expected finish date.

Checking in one year later…Still no progress. Almost seems like I am on the google product threads.
Sigh…back to Gforms.

Please make this happen!


Have you found any ways to work around this? Wondering if Zapier or something similar would suffice in the meantime?

Is there any update on having multiple forms for a project? I’d really like to use an onboarding template but if you can only have one form per project, that doesn’t make it very useful. We need multiple forms to collect information. Thank you!

Hi @Wilma_T, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I completely understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately I don’t have an update to share at the moment regarding this topic but rest ensure that we are closely following this topic internally and will make sure to share with you all as soon as we have more information!

We have recently launched Forms Branching. With this new feature, you can create follow-up questions based on the response you’re getting to your first question, to ensure that you get all the information you need to effectively triage the work request. If you are interested, please find more information in this article.

I agree. We have multiple forms in general that would be good to put in one project.

We are also requesting multiple forms per Project. Would be extremely useful.

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I think we have enough requests here Asana :slight_smile: