Generating Tasks & Subtasks automatically based on form


Let me explain from somewhere near the beginning:

I would like customers to be able to fill out a form on our website (or somehow linked to it) and this data then be used to automatically generate a task and subtasks based on the data supplied in the form.

At the moment we have a form that generates a PDF which is then emailed to our business.

Initially, I thought Asana Forms would be the way to go, but one of the data fields in the form is a multi-choice field, with more than 50 options. Asana Forms does not allow for multi-choice questions with more than 50 options.

After some thought, I came up with another potential solution. Say the form on our website generates a spreadsheet with the data, instead of a pdf. Is there some way Asana could automatically read that spreadsheet, and create a task and subtasks based on the data within the CSV file? I know there’s some way through Zapier to integrate a spreadsheet with Asana, but can this read directly from the spreadsheet and populate things in Asana tasks, or does it only trigger template actions within Asana?

Sorry if this is a head-scratcher, but this would be a real time saver for us.
Many thanks

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With Zapier you can do anything so if the right trigger exists for your spreadshoot app, then you can definitely create a task using Zapier. You should also be able to create subtasks, even though that might not be super easy… @paulminors might be able to help.


My suggestion would be to:

  1. Create a form using Jotform (recommended), TypeForm, Google Forms or similar.
  2. Set up a Zap whereby when the form is filled in, this creates a task in your chosen project with all the information from the form in the description and (or) custom fields.
  3. Set up a series of actions where you create subtasks within the parent task from step 2.

Hope that helps. Please feel free to reach out if you need help setting this up!


I’m using Airtable and Zapier for this integration.
Airtable would collect the data using the form (it supports multi selection and also auto numbering).

Once you have airtable new row, use zapier to automatically generate task into Asana.

We use this method to standardize our job order, and also to integrate information/data from Airtable to invoicing app Xero.


This should work perfectly. I assume you can imbed Jotform forms into a website? I know you can with Google forms. Unfortunately, our company is already using Flowsana, which is incapable of this automation…unless I’m mistaken. Will have to switch over to Zapier for this one, which I don’t mind, and if it works well I’m sure the extra cost will be worth it. I’ll come back if I have any issues but this should be simple! Thanks very much

Ok so I’m testing the setup with Google Forms and Zapier. It seems to be working perfectly - exactly as I envisaged, so thanks for that. One problem I’m running into - I know I can create a chain of actions from one trigger. So for example, the first action would be to create a task, the second to create a subtask within that task. However, I can’t straightaway choose which task the subtask goes into as it doesn’t exist yet. I know I’m supposed to add an extra search step or something, but I’m not exactly sure, if anyone could help that would be great. The last sticking point, I hope!
Thanks in advance

I might have worked it out… I think haha. Going to do a full test now. Thanks so much for your help - perfect solution

FYI I’m in the process of building Zapier support into Flowsana.


Yes, you can embed a Jotform. Zapier is awesome as it allows you to create automation within other tools, not just Asana.

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When you create the subtask and you are asked to link to the parent task, you need to link to a custom field and specify the task ID of the parent.

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