Integrating Project Dashboards with Project Status

There is no doubt that Asana is realising the importance of surfacing project/portfolio statuses in different formats to different audiences. And the fact that Dashboards now get copied with project templates is a sign for that.

Asana Release Notes December 2021: Dashboards copy over in project templates : Dashboards that include charts now carry over when you duplicate a project or create a project from a template. More on Project Dashboards

Here is how I would like to see this feature improve further:

Integrate Dashboards directly with the project overview - status update tab.
The status update is a key tool for my stakeholders - especially executive leadership - who need a one stop shop of the project. Until today, the graphs offered there are very limiting. With Dashboard having so much flexibility for the project, why can’t I access the dashboards features under the ‘highlights section’ of the status update page.

I am not a dev person, but I think dashboards should be easy to make visible in status update page as the features are all there.

Thoughts peeps?


Thank you, as always, for providing this thoughtful feedback, @Rashad_Issa!

I’ll let you know of any updates :slight_smile:

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