I want the data that's available in the 'status update' to also be available on dashboards and reports.

This stuff:

Should be available as an option to place into reports and dashboards. It is highly useful information that should not solely be relegated into the Asana status update.

Thanks for listening!

At the moment dashboards don’t allow to show tasks, the first 3 are not possible. For the last 3 you should be able to recreate them with the right configuration, did you try?

Correct, I can get the last 3 working. I should have cropped the screenshot and been more specific. Listing a set of actual tasks is the main ‘ask’ here.

I can see a use case for this so I upvoted, however, two issues comes up for me.

  1. This may prevent project owners from completing project updates on a weekly basis. I think it is very important to have the PM review the work of their project as this helps to mitigate risks.

  2. As a project can have 10s of tasks completed and upcoming, that will junk up the Dashboard. Although I can see showing 5 with a link to expand to see the rest.