Is there a way to duplicate a section to copy all tasks across to another section?

Hi there, I asked the Support AI Bot this question:

“Is there a way to duplicate a section to copy all tasks across to another section?”

It said:

“Yes, you can duplicate a section in Asana to copy all tasks across to another section. To do this, you can follow these steps:
In the Board view or Workflow builder, click on the three-dot icon next to the section’s title.
Select “Duplicate section” from the options.
A duplicate section will be created with all the tasks from the original section.”

When I follow the instructions, I only see:

Add rule to section
Rename section
Add section
Delete section

I do not see a “Duplicate section” option.

Please advise.


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Gavin_Mountford :wave:

Duplicating section does not work as far as I am aware.

For a workaround see this post:

Here is an existing feedback request thread:

@Marie you might wanna check regarding the bot’s response in this case. Thank you

Not a perfect solution, but marking as “Solution” to highlight a key reply.

Hi @Gavin_Mountford - the support bot seems to be making up an answer in an effort to be helpful, but you are correct – duplicate section is not currently a feature in Asana natively.

Definitely vote at the link that Andrea provided.

Alternatively: Free Add-on with Duplicate Section button

In the meantime, if it’s helpful, you are welcome to use my team’s free add-on, Duplicate Section is a feature you can use on our Free Forever license.

The feature is called “Super-Section Duper” (I know… corny name)

Add, and then, under “SuperActions” in Supersana, activate “Super-Section Duper”

Then you’ll have an extra option in the 3-dot menu on every section:

Then it’ll show you this window to customize your duplicate section:

Get it free here: | Asana Superpowers

It’ll give you access to 40+ custom features in Asana, and the free version lets you choose any 3 features to keep free forever!

And please let us know of other wishlist items, things you wish you could do with Asana. We release 1-2 new features and enhancements per week.


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Heya folks! This is now launched - check this article out: