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right now, in our company, we will use the asana to have standard project management tools, and we have a lot of projects and activity with the similarity tasks flow.
The problem is we could not see any Duplicate Section feature here, so it is a quite wasting time to create similar tasks…
Please this is important feature for project management in company.


Hi @Kun_Yong_Tjong_Jonat , this is not currently possible but there is this existing thread which I could merge your post into, if that’s ok?

You may also want to check out Supersana.io by @Bryan_TeamKickstart which provides this feature, as seen below:

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@Richard_Sather - thanks for suggesting Supersana.io as a solution. This is a perfect use for Supersana!

@Kun_Yong_Tjong_Jonat - You can do this with the “Free Forever” version of Supersana.

  1. Go to Supersana.io
  2. Click “Get it Now” and select Free Forever
  3. Activate the extension and authorize the Asana connection.

And now you have a “Duplicate Section” button in Asana!

And, we release 1-2 new features per week, so let us know of any wishlist items!


Hi all, quick update to let you know you can now duplicate sections in your projects! To learn more about this new feature in the following announcement: Duplicate sections in your project!


Hi all,

i’m excited to share that you can now duplicate an entire section to a different project! All tasks included in this section will automatically copy over and you will have the option to choose which of these task details will carry over:

  • Assignee
  • Associated projects
  • Tags
  • Task description
  • Subtasks
  • Attachements
  • Collaborators

Additionally, you will have the option to automatically calculate and schedule the due dates of tasks in your new section based on the start and end date you will define.

Duplicate a section_

Please note this update is currently available to 10% of users and will launch to all users in the next couple of days!