Copy Task with dependance

Hello everyone!
I need to copy and paste my tasks (with all dependences) into another project.

CMD-C -> CMD-V doesn’t work
TAB-P -> change the project, but I need to copy tasks and not cut them.

Anyone have the answer? :slight_smile:

Hi :wave:
What about duplicating the project?


To clone the task so it appears in both projects (same single task):

To copy the task with dependencies, in task pane, do More actions menu > Duplicate task.


Thanks for your reply!
I would like to clone multiple tasks at once.


Same clone instruction then; just multi-select the tasks.

Thank you but don’t resolve my issue.

If in Project 1 I add the tasks it works. Now I can see the tasks also in the Project 2.
But if I check one task completed in Project 2 there is completed also in Project 1.

Ok, you don’t really want a clone then.

I’m not sure if duplicate will work either due to the dependencies; you’d have to test, or maybe someone else who uses dependencies knows better than I do; sorry!

Wil in not work if you set the project as template and then create a project from that template. This will keep the dependencies and copy the project.


Yes, I agree with @Paul_Grobler re project New project from template, and similarly with @Bastien_Siebman on Duplicate Project; I can only see a way to do this for the project as a whole by single task individually.