Duplicating a task that exists in multiple projects creates duplicates in multiple projects

Many of my tasks are shared across multiple projects for different reasons. We often duplicate tasks to use as templates (since there, to my knowledge, is no way to share task templates across multiple projects). However, when we duplicate a task that is assigned to multiple projects, the duplicate of that task is also automatically assigned to the other projects. I know this is probably on purpose, but is there a way to duplicate a task and only have the duplicate assigned to the project that it was duplicated from?

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This is possible via Bundles , but available only if you are subscribed to an Enterprise pricing plan.

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Yes, make sure the “Projects” checkbox is unchecked:



Hello Larry

When i do so, the duplicated task is assigned to no projects at all, also not the one that i am working on. I would like to duplicate the task and only have it duplicated in the one project that i am currently working in :slight_smile:

I understand. I don’t think there’s a way; it’s all or nothing, as you’ve seen.

You could add a Product Feedback request for this and vote on it.

But there’s @Arthur_BEGOU’s suggestion, or you could create projects from a project template with an embedded task template for this, or you can have a single project with task templates for the purpose of generating tasks, then assign them to the project intended only, either manually or even automated with rules (find other Forum posts on this).




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