Creating a project from a template is generating duplicate tasks

I have created a template for month end. When I go to use the template for a project it duplicates many of the tasks. Also, some of the tasks end up in the wrong section.

What could be happening?!

Hi @Marika_Haseldine, welcome to the Forum! I’m sorry to hear that you are running into issues. Generally speaking, when you create an entirely new Project using the template that you’ve saved, you’ll have one new Project, plus that original template Project. To make sure there won’t be unnecessary duplicate tasks, we recommend double-checking all tasks from the template (including the completed tasks). If there are unnecessary tasks within the Template, you can remove them to make sure they won’t be copied over when you create a new Project based on the Template.

Please note that tasks assigned to any individual in the Template Project will also be copied over, and the assignee will be kept, generating duplicates in their “My tasks list”. For that reason, we recommend removing the assignees from the template to avoid confusion.

If this doesn’t resolve the issues you are experiencing, please kindly contact our Support team directly and they will be happy to help. For security reasons, we cannot further assist you here in the Forum as this requires access to your personal details.

When you reach out to Support, please kindly send them the Project URL link and some examples of the duplicate tasks, as well as a screenshot of the Section issue. This information will be very helpful for them to investigate the issue.

I hope this helps, Marika! :slight_smile:


Please see the large thread (one among many) about the template behavior and the problems that users encounter, universally: Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically? Is this what you’re seeing, or is it something else?