Templates Automatically Creating Project and Adding the Template Tasks to Existing Projects

I have a template we created and when we use the template, it creates a new project, but also adds all the tasks to a random section to another project (I believe it adds all the tasks from the template to the project it was copied from). Is there a way around this? I thought it was rule, but there is no rule in either the original project that the template adds the tasks to (unnecessarily) and no rule in the new template (or new project the template creates). So now, we use this template and then have to delete tasks / move things around - kind of a mess. Any idea? Maybe there is something a team member accidently clicked we can’t find?


Try editing the template, clicking on a task to open task details, then see if the Projects field has a value–that would be one cause for a task to appear in another project. If so, “x” to remove that for each task (you have to do it one-by-one).


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That does it! Thank you!!

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