Creating projects from template adds new project's subtasks back to template

Does anyone have a good way to duplicate a project/build new projects from a template where a) tasks have subtasks and b) those subtasks are added to the parent project for the sake of visibility?

I am having an issue with this–every time I create a new project from a template where this is the setup, a copy of the subtask from the new project gets added to the parent task in the template. Example of what I mean:

Let’s say I have a project template (“TEMPLATE”) with a task (“TASK1”) and three subtasks (“SUBTASK1”, “SUBTASK2”, “SUBTASK3”). Because I want the subtasks to be connected to the parent project, I have also added SUBTASK1, 2, and 3 to TEMPLATE.

When I create a new project using TEMPLATE as the template, the new project (“PROJECT2”) is created correctly, everything transfers over fine. However, when I click on TASK1 in TEMPLATE, I now see two copies of each subtask: SUBTASK1, SUBTASK1, SUBTASK2, SUBTASK2, SUBTASK3, SUBTASK3. One for TEMPLATE, the other for PROJECT2.

Now, if I create another project from TEMPLATE, the new project (“PROJECT3”) ends up with two sets of each subtask: one set for PROJECT3, and one set from PROJECT2, because those were somehow copied into TEMPLATE when I created PROJECT2.

The same behavior occurs when I turn TEMPLATE into a regular project and duplicate it.

Anyone else seen this? Workarounds? Help!


Hi @Jake_Forsland! To start, I’ll confirm that what you’re doing is accurate and what you’re seeing with subtask duplication is the expected behavior. One idea would be for you to maintain two copies - one with the tethering and one without, and only copy the non-tethered. But this brings up the question of why those subtasks are tethered to the parent.

Let’s dig into what the “sake of visibility means”. Could you elaborate here on the visibility you’re looking for?

…Because if is’ visibility you’re seeking, then you might consider re-shaping your project altogether. Subtasks are by nature nested in tasks and not visible in the parent project. So, instead you could elevate your tasks to sections and then elevate your subtasks to tasks. This way you don’t have to worry about tethering subtasks to the parent project and you eliminate the initial problem altogether. What do you think?

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Why does this happen? I am having the same issue. It is very very annoying. It ‘tethers’ even if I just copy the project. Isn’t the point of a template to have it be… well… a template?


Hi Alexis - I see no way to ‘un-tether’ subtasks in projects. Do you mean elevate them to sections. If not, can you explain how to do it? I, too, think you should be able to copy a template that includes subtasks without them multiplying like rabbits each time the template is copied.


@Alexis: Any insight you can offer to @Susan_Sauter’s recent comment?

Alexis, can you explain how tasks with subtasks that have been duplicated from a template, not only point back to the template but will be ADDED to the template is expected behavior? How do you yourself use this feature? Does this not confuse your team when they see multiple subtasks with the same title pointing to different projects?


Hi All,

I am also facing the same issue. I have a template where we have link sub-task which is showing in the main task list but while creating projects using the same template, sub-task is being created duplicate (4 - 6 different sub-tasks) .

The issue is with my user only and my colleauge is facing this issue.

Hi All,

I do have the same issue while trying to rolling out Asana to our team. It seems no solution just yet from Asana?

Nope. Either you have to create those task as main task in your template or we have to create subtask in project whenever there is requirement

I’m having a similar problem, I have created a template when using it not only do I get duplicate tasks in the new project but all the other projects I have already created using the same template get duplicate tasks as well, I’m now having to go through 10 projects deleting all duplicate tasks but these are main tasks in a section not sub tasks, however it’s not duplicating every main task, just some of them. Is there anyone who can help me get around this?

Has this been addressed anywhere? I’m having the same issue. Every time I create a new project using a template, the template then creates an additional subtask for each.

Why are templates bringing in information from projects? They should be only effected by changes to the template itself.

Hi @Sean_Moran and thank you for reaching out!

Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing you. Please have a look at the post my colleague @Marie wrote a few weeks ago: Avoid subtasks from duplicating when creating a project from a template - #9

She has also provided a workaround that might be helpful in the meantime.
I hope this helps Sean! But please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!


Thank you for linking the potential workaround, @Natalia. The projects my team work in utilize a fairly complex template (34 tasks organized within 6 sections with a total of 103 subtasks and 8 sub-subtasks and 12 automation rules). To bring those subtasks up to the main task level would unfortunately render the projects into organizational nightmare fuel.

It seems I’ll just have to go into the template and remove the duplicate tasks that are created each time I use the template.