Duplicating a Project Duplicates Every New Task

Hi there – I can’t find a conclusive answer for this, but apologies if one exists. I duplicated a project as a template because I didn’t want to recreate my personalized fields. (These are for fiscal year tasks.) When I create a task on the new project, it also creates that task on the old project. Is there a way to unlink the two projects, or do I need to start over and create a new project instead of duplicating?

Welcome, @Sarah_Carlson,

Are there rules running (Customize > Rules) in the new project, or are you creating tasks from a task template?

Those would explain the behavior you’re reporting.



Hi! Yes, I have a few rules running, but none that are about duplicating tasks to the other template. I create tasks based on task templates. Do I need to remove all the rules?

You can pause all the rules to see if the problem goes away:

I paused all the rules and it is still duplicating every new task in the old project.

Good to know; you can reactivate those rules again; thanks.

I’m afraid I missed the above from your previous post.

In the project where you’re creating a task from a task template, do Customize > Task Templates > edit the task template you’re using and you’ll see something like this:

Click the “X” beside each project that you don’t want the task to be multi-homed to.

Hope that does it,


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That did it! Thank you!!!

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