Introducing Dashboards - a new way to see real-time project data in charts!

Great new feature. Just set it up for my Developement sprints and releases that I manage through Asana. Brilliant!

A nice evolution will be making it available to the portfolio view.


Thanks for sending your feedback @Getz_Pro! I believe you submitted your feedback through the “New! Send feedback” button in-product. If so, we don’t send confirmation email after submitting these forms in-product.

Hi all!

We’ve just released a blog article to learn more about Dashboards, check it out! :slight_smile:

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I was hoping for a bit more customization and maybe document linking. It would be excellent to have the ability to easily link project documents (charter, comm plan, etc) to the project in one spot. I know we can see the files but many projects we have that is a lot of data. Ideally we want to have a place to seperate out the project documents we want to highlight and the dashboard has been the place to do that in other systems.

Still very happy to see the progress!

Email was sent :slight_smile:

First glance. I’m sure I’ll have more when I get into it :slight_smile:

  • Widget size. Some widgets need to be longer (like tasks completion over time is). The first two squares always has +2 more.
  • Add widgets, then let me build the report. I might want a completed/not completed bar chart instead of a circle chart.
  • Export to PDF for client view.
  • Love to see EverHour rollup into this. Hours spent vs projected.
  • Number widget only reports the number, not whether the task for that number was completed or not. Expecting. Completed 5 Incomplete 50
  • Manual refresh.
  • Email report every week to (list users or project members)
  • Auto attach to project progress
  • Make Dashboard view default for certain users (managers)
  • Make Dashboard view default when x number of tasks are Overdue. Or Dashboard link RED when certain criteria is met.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @Kenny_Lemon and @Getz_Pro! This is so helpful! I’ve also taken note of all the feedback shared so far and I’ll make sure to sent it to our product team.