Project Dashboard: One user's config shouldn't affect all users

@Ben_Watkins, On a call with Asana consulting clients this morning reviewing the new Project Dashboard feature, we noticed that it changes your own Dashboard view out from under you when someone else changes their view. That is if you’re looking at Project A’s Dashboard view and another person is too and they change the bar chart, your bar chart updates without your having asked it to.

This is a little disconcerting now when it changes. Also, I don’t think users currently expect that changing their view would change another’s view (I didn’t, and my clients didn’t, for example).

Is it expected that, one day, you will add the “Save layout as default” treatment as used with other views?



Good point, Larry. Actually, I would like for a project owner to have the ability to create a universal view for a dashboard - as an option. The reason is that typical users won’t be inclined or able to create useful views on their own. And I agree totally that the changes you have seen are not to be welcomed.

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