Asana Dashboard - global filters needed

I searched the forum, but I was unable to find an answer. My dashboards usually max out the number of charts (20). The nature of our work requires several filters within the dashboard to accurately represent our projects. Currently if there’s a change that impacts the dashboard, I have to go through each of the 20 charts and update the filters. I’m curious if there is anything in the Asana dev roadmap to allow for a global dashboard filter. That way, I could change the filter once instead of 20 times. Perhaps there’s a feature that I’m unaware of? I’m open to suggestions.

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Seconding this request.

To add my example use case here: I want to create a dashboard with various task charts for projects owned by a certain person. I’d like to be able to change that person value so all project owners can look at that same report but filter dynamically for themselves without having to change every chart.

I know they could either put their projects into a portfolio or duplicate the dashboard, but adding to a portfolio is going to be incredibly cumbersome given our volume and duplicating the dashboard makes publishing structural updates to the dashboard impractical.