Dashboard for existing Project Templates (v2)

Is there a way that i can edit and update the dashboard view for templates I’ve already created for my workplace? i can set it up then save a project as a template however I don’t see how to correct it once the template is created and distributed.


That’s a very good point and I am pretty sure this is a missing feature from the new V2 templates. @Phil_Seeman you are quite up to date with this topic, any insight?

Hi @Michael_Z, are you referring to changing the dashboard in the template itself or the projects created from the template?

Hey @Rebecca_McGrath I am referring to the dashboard in the template itself. I’ve made better functioning dashboards after i made the templates. Or even if new features are added to the dashboard like widgets, id like to know how to add them to existing templates.

Thanks for following up, @Michael_Z! It’s not currently possible to edit the Dashboard in the template. You would need to adjust the initial project the template was created from and create a new template.

I’m moving your thread to the #productfeedback category for the time being to give you and other community members an option to vote for this feature!


Does this mean template V2 DO have dashboards but we just can’t edit them?

Also confused by this but would be a HUGE benefit for us. Being able to customize the dashboard associated with a Project Template would save me literally hours of time each month as I currently have to manually edit the dashboard with each new sprint board creation.

I tried making a project board with a custom board into a template. But when I did and tried using it, it still defaulted to the asana default dashboard. This process wouldn’t be ideal for us anyways though.

Hello, I’ve created a template for Scrum teams to re-use for each new sprint, customised to how we group columns.

I updated the Dashboard elements to only include the charts we need, however when creating a new project from the template, the Dashboard reverts to the out of the box elements.

Hello, I’ve created a template for Scrum teams to re-use for each new sprint, customised to how we group columns.

I updated the Dashboard elements to only include the charts we need, however when creating a new project from the template, the Dashboard reverts to the out of the box elements.


Did you actually create an Asana template or this is a project you duplicate? If this is a template, is it a V1 template (an Asana project) or a V2 template?
Because V2 templates don’t include dashboards anymore, see 9. on Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

Let me know so I can try to help :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Martin_Parzonka! We have plans to address this pain point with upcoming updates to project templates! We will update this thread as soon as we have any news!

Thanks Emily.

I fully appreciated things being on a backlog, needing prioritisation etc etc. Sounds like this feature is actually prioritised given your comment, do you have a general sense of when it will be available? Like, Q3, Q4?

We run in two week sprints, and needing to re-create Dashboards to suit what I want reported on for several teams every two weeks has fast become painful.

I’m currently in discussion with one of your sales reps about upgrading our org to Business rather than Premium, but with obvious features missing, there’s always a Jira or a Monday knocking on our door :grimacing:

Voting for customised dashboards to be carried over in templates.

It takes significant effort to customise dashboards that are specific to each client requirement. There is no current way to duplicate dashboards other than copying from an existing project, which is a waste of time as what is the point of a project template then.

To the Asana moderator, I implore you not to merge this topic with the other topic as per below as it is quite difficult to track and vote for specific features. Thank you. :pray:


To the Asana team, please consider this in your immediate roadmap. I love your project templates but I want to love it even more! :love_you_gesture:

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Hi @Eddie_Zhamatix , I’ve merged your post into this existing thread where I managed to find other similar threads also - all votes are consolidated here now where everyone can vote using the purple button in the top left corner!

I am also hoping Asana will soon support dashboards in project templates!

We have a specific way we need the project dashboard to display when a new campaign is opened so project managers are managing to the same data across projects.

Is there a way to set a dashboard default view so each time a new project is opened using the template, the same charts display across projects on the dashboard? See attached screenshot.


The new template V2 engine completely got rid of the ability to include a dashboard within a template, which was a great loss :frowning:

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Hi @Claudia_Ramos , welcome to the forum :wave:

Good question! Unfortunately, currently, it is not possible to define Dashboards in Templates 2.0.

The best workaround I use is to use a project as a ‘template’ instead of a using an actual template. You can setup the Dashboard in this project so that once you duplicate the project, make sure you have checked the ‘Dashboard’ option so that it copies over to the new project you set up.
I understand this is not super ideal but it works for most cases.

:bulb: Ideally you would want this ‘template’ project to have unassigned tasks so they don’t always appear in people’s My Tasks view (which was an issue with Templates 1.0)

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

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Do you know why it was removed? Also, is there a different way of just copying the dashboard?

Creating a separate job just for the dashboard is not an option because when it is copied, we cannot copy the dates so the user would have to add the dates manually and we have a lot of tasks. Thank you for your help.

Thank you, we did look into this, but when you duplicate a project, it erases all the dates so the user would need to manually update each date. This is not a good approach because we have a lot of tasks and it would introduce human error.

@Claudia_Ramos it is not that it was removed, but it was added → when they moved from templates V1 to V2, they did not add this feature…

For reference: Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose