Saved view tabs to be supported in Project templates

Saved view tabs are awesome. But, currently, they cannot be setup within a project template so that they are predefined for a project that is created based on that project template.

Currently, you need to set up view tabs manually each time, or as a workaround, duplicate a regular project, which unfortunately loses out on all the functionality of Project templates.

Please add support for saved view tabs in Project templates :pray:

PS: this would require Filter, Sort and Hide buttons available in the Project template editor, as well as retain column widths and positions, solving numerous other feedback requests. Hopefully this would also add support for Dashboards to be setup in Project templates too.


This is really needed!


@Richard_Sather this would save us so much time!! We have a LOT of ‘prep’ tasks in our standard project template that this update would instantly eradicate. Currently, each time we use the template (and before we can get to project-specific actions), we have to:

  • Remove a number of the default tabs
  • Create a number of new tabs (each having various filters and certain fields ‘hidden’ + all needing to be renamed)
  • Re-order the final list of tabs
  • We then have to clear and re-create our custom Dashboard charts.

Other than the amount of time it takes, the room for error is substantial. Having the option to save view tabs in Project templates would be incredible! And if that included the option to setup Dashboards too, we’d be over-the-moon!

Voted! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I feel your pain @Alex_Berger , you’re definitely not alone!

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I have the same need. In my case when I create a template I only want the project to have a list, I don’t want a timeline and the other types of tabs. At the moment when I create a project from template I need to manually delete all the tabs that are created. Any work around?


Hi @Carme_Cortada , welcome to the forum :wave:

Thanks for chiming in here and adding your voice for the Asana product team to review and consider your pain. Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround, which led me to creating this feedback request.

In case you haven’t done so already, please don’t forget to hit the vote button in the top left corner, at the very top of this thread.


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Hi @Richard_Sather,

I also voted for your feedback. I have the same need to save view tabs in Project templates to use them in the projects.

Thank you for reporting it!

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Especially with how much Asana has invested and built toward the new views like “Group by”, having those views become part of templates becomes more and more a must!

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I just spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect order tracking system in Asana and I finally did it! I created the project, created a template, created saved views, and saved the template! BUT once I used the template my saved views were not included! I am very frustrated! Now I am thinking about switching to Monday! :frowning: It’s going to take so much time to update my saved views on each project template. Please add as a feature!


just adding another comment as a form of +1 PLEASE!!!
We’ve had some trouble getting full adoption of Asana in one user group (close 100 people) and one (of the many) challenges/excuses is that it’s not clear for them to see/find “their” tasks in the projects as they get spun up from their template… the projects that group does are fairly complex, with multiple phases, sections, etc. and -while we are indeed simplifying the template and other things as well - one of the important pieces of that puzzle was to be able to save views filtered according to the team member’s role (a Global Custom Field): Project Manager, Design Engineer, Coordinator…) so we’d have 4-5 Saved View Tabs where they could go, each time when the project is created and is already there for them.
Sure, it only takes a few clicks to create each tab, each time, for each project… but when you do 100+ projects each year, with ~100 people, creating ~4 tabs each time… that adds up!

Anyhoot, hope this gets looked at and addressed sometime soon… as well as PROJECT DASHBOARD TEMPLATE :slight_smile:

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Do you know there is now a “dynamic me” filter? Meaning you only need one tab per project.

Sure if you are only considering that people only want to see stuff assigned to them… Project managers need to see stuff assigned to everyone and different saved views allow us to customize what is shown instead of a giant mess of columns (in list view for example) hopefully this is implemented soon as its seems like such basic functionality for a “project management” app

Yup - I’ve shown this our user base as well :slight_smile:
Good suggestion and reminder as always @Bastien_Siebman !

Every time I use templates I’m reminded why we just keep a set of standing Project Templates we can duplicate since the duplicate feature carries over:

  • The Order of Custom Fields
  • Dashboards
  • Saved Views
    • Saved Filters in Views
    • Saved Hidden Fields in Views (Notably the Board View)

I look forward to Project Templates v2.0 getting their additional rounds of updates since their original launch in 25 months ago in April 2022.