New! Create custom charts in project Dashboards to get more visibility into your team's work

Nice, but it looks like I can’t create a new one…
Do you know why?

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Hello @Simone5, you must enter a “title” before the “create” button will be available. Hope that helps!


This news is bittersweet for me. It’s great progress, but not very helpful until I can report on portfolios. It looks like this only applies to individual projects. I’m responsible for multiple projects in a portfolio and need to share reporting on all of those projects at once. Right now I have to export to Google Sheets and build reports there to share. It’s very cumbersome.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Tara_Haack! As it stands, Dashboards are currently available at the project level but, as a workaround, if you wish to have a Dashboard including tasks from multiple projects, you can create a “master project” and multi-home tasks from other projects in this project. I understand this still required a bit of manual work and we hope to have more. options for Dashboards and Portfolios in the future!

If you are interested, I recommend you creating a new thread in our #productfeedback category for this feature so other customers can upvote! Thanks again for your feedback!


I was going to make the same reply, but also suggest Rules to keep the master project automatically in sync. iti’s still a hassle, but might be nicer than the GSheets option possibly, @Tara_Haack.



Thrilled to see this! Well done. Would love to have stacked bar charts that show open vs completed tasks.

Also think this would be really useful in Portfolios so we can visualize global data!


This is fabulous - we hadn’t used dashboards much because they didn’t really show what we needed to see, but this makes it really useful. Thanks.