Project Dashboard Customisation

The Project Dashboard feature is hugely welcomed!! I have already put it in use. It is such a great way to get the project team to engage with the project status proactively, rather than wait on a progress update. :smiley: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :tada:

What I find useful is to be able to colour code the dashboard for my communication.

I already provide project team updates on what needs to be done - next crucial tasks, project stages, etc… At the moment, they all appear in a single colour with its variances.

It would be good to customise this pie charts / bar charts and colour code them for example using RAG or other determined criteria that could be aligned with other metrics used in the internal comms. Any thoughts, ideas?

You are getting greedy @Rashad_Issa :grimacing: :kissing_heart:
Long time no see, happy to see you here! We missed you!

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Hahahahahaha!!! Me? Greedy?! Never!!
Long time indeed but you guys are always in my heart :kissing_heart: hope you are keeping well!
We must have a virtual :coffee: Sometime soon

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