Shift Task pane to the left to show Subtask details pane on right


I think it would be great to have the Task Pane continually shift left as you drill down into the subtasks.
If you look at a project on the left you can click through your list of tasks and get the details on the right - very helpful because you don’t have to click “back” to go to your list. This is not the case with subtasks
Let’s make a way so when you click on the subtask details “bubble” it shifts the task in the project to overlay the project on the left pane and gives the subtask details on the right pane. That way would always have you details on the right and list on the left.
If they were layered/tabbed on the left you could still always be one click away from the main project list.

Tasks and Subtasks View

I like it. It’s a simple change but it would make everything smoother.


Hi Jeremy, you can use Bridge24 for Asana to accomplish that. When you open a task, the edit panel displays a tab with all the subtasks. When you click on a subtask, it opens it in the edit panel, and again you see the sub-subtasks, and so on, and so on for unlimited levels. You can also move up back to the parent task in the same edit task panel. Give it a try. Bridge24 is an official plugin accepted by Asana.


Asana proposed tree structure

I think a simpler, more elegant, and more versatile solution is to use a tree structure in the middle pane, so you have a hierarchy as follows:

heading > task > subtasks > subsubtasks, etc. (see attached screenshot mockup)

and then always show the details pane on the right.
A further improvement would be to use the same tree structure for the left pane (team > project > subproject, etc.)
And there should be a one-click collapse / expand option to show or hide subtasks, etc.
And a one-click “focus” option that shows just a single task or set of tasks or subtasks and makes the rest of the hierarchy disappear.

This way:

  • one always sees each task, subtask, subsubtask, etc. in context so one doesn’t “get lost”
  • one can easily drag-and-drop subtasks to other tasks, etc. in the hierarchy
  • everything is very easily reachable in a single click, the entire navigation experience is much faster and more intuitive, and consistent across all hierarchy levels.


I agree with @Mark_Hudson and @johanngevers. Their suggestions are much needed!


Yes please, let’s pull this vote up :wink:


One of my favorite features in Asana is being able to view all teams, projects and tasks without having to switch between pages.

It would be nice to have the ability to collapse the parent task when entering a subtask. Currently, by clicking a subtask the parent task pages switches to the subtask. Instead, the parent task should collapse in such a way.

Moreover, the All tasks page can collapse for more room for the individual task page.


Thanks for your feedback @Salar_Tahour and welcome to the Forum :blush:

Sounds like your request is similar to Shift Task pane to the left to show Subtask details pane on right ? If so, I’m happy to merge them to consolidate feedback on this issue! Keep me posted :slight_smile:


Yes please merge them


All done @Salar_Tahour :slight_smile: