Shift Task pane to the left to show Subtask details pane on right

I could not agree with this dialogue stronger. Subtasks per se can be very useful but the way they are implemented in Asana is really hard to understand as though they are a low functioning and complicated feature.

  1. No Custom Fields
  2. No automatically assigning to Project of Parent Task
  3. Complicated reporting and distinguishing in reporting
  4. Adding them to a Project forces them into the center pane commingled with other tasks but does not automatically keep them in the Section of the parent task. It should be optional to show them in the center pane if added to a project. Why automatically commingle with Tasks if in fact it just is trying to achieve visibility. If you want them in center pane create a task or make it optional for sub tasks of a high visibility requirement.

They become very difficult to use for me other than using them for saving attachments to a task. World of potential and fundamental to the hiarchy of Asana but seem to be orphaned in use and attention to streamlining them to the way they could function without the current status of a weaker feature that often leaves them in a black hole.

i use tasks and subtasks a lot. i used tasks as projects and subtasks as the tasks for the project.

when clicking on a task and do TAB X focus mode:
I would like to see two panels, one for all the subtasks and then one for their details, similar to what you would normally see for tasks in ‘normal mode’

this would save a lot of time, as currently we have to click the arrow to see each subtask notes, comments, tags etc and to change details like tags.

It would also be nice if common keyboard shortcuts worked for subtasks in focus mode. currently if selecting a subtask a hit TAB T it doesnt change the subtask’s tag, it changes the parent task’s tag.


Hi @Clayton_Chipper and thanks for your feedback; we really appreciate it!

We actually already have a thread on this topic (Subtask panel concept) so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to centralize all votes and feedback; hope you don’t mind! On my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update internally!

thanks Marie. I would add that at the moment I am having to go into instagantt to select multiple subtasks so I can tag them all at once or take other actions in bulk. this is currently not possible in asana.

it does really seem like asana doesn’t want me to use subtasks - they are currently 2nd class citizens vs tasks. even the date picker doesn’t allow entering text for the date in a subtask but it does allow it for a task.

Hi folks :wave:t3:

We have some updates on the subtasks front, check out You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!

Hi, I make great use of Subtasks given their flexibility in Asana. I think one of the best views is the Task Details, in which you can build out almost a “subtable” of subtasks, complete with sections. I use this method for Tasks that aren’t actually “tasks” in my use of Asana, but rather Clients, Content assets, equipment (laptops, etc), and so on.

What’s really missing from this though is some visibility into the subtasks shown - custom fields, project in particular. It would be great if you didn’t have to drill into the subtask to get this, especially as there can be quite a few if you have sections built out. There is plenty of “screen real estate” to show this data.

With you guys releasing a lot of improvements to lists views, really hoping this is something on your radar. Your List View and Sections is probably at the top of my list for converting over to Asana this month from another tool I was using, so would love to see it get some even greater functionality!


Hi @OT160 :wave: Thank you for submitting this feedback in the Forum!

Seems like your request can be included in the following thread: Shift Task pane to the left to show Subtask details pane on right. I understand it is not exactly what you are mentioning here but I believe your suggestion brings up another alternative on how to display more subtask information within the task detail view.

If it’s OK with you I’ll merge your post with this thread to consolidate ideas on this topic.

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile:

Hi Natalia, yes I think that makes sense. I voted for that. I think keeping my comment in there will hopefully be enough for your Product Team to absorb what I’m talking about. In essence, compared to some of the more sweeping improvements suggested in that thread, I would just like to see a bit more data visible in the Subtask view. You guys seem to be going this way anyway with gradual roll out of things like ability to resize columns in List View, showing Custom Fields there, the new Subtask display on List View Marie is talking about here:

Thanks and I will see you in the other thread :slight_smile:

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Yes, yes, yes! This was available in EccoPro over 20 years ago…they are on the way and just need to bring out the full depth as you demonstrated!


I simulated this feature request with a screenshot.
If this can be implemeneted, it’d be much easier to switch between subtasks.

I know Asana is not encouraging us to use subtasks very much though.